Abhishak and Aishwarya marriage on 20th Apirl

There are speculations in the media that Abhishak Bachan and Aishwarya Rai are going to tied in knot on 20th april. Moreover there is also news that marriage will most probably held in the Bachna’s house. This is really good news for the fans of both Abhishak and Aishwarya, who wants to see them in knot at the earliest.

After the engagement of the couple, people in India are eagerly waiting for the marriage. This marriage will definitely be going to be the one of the biggest marriage in the Indian history. However some people fear that due to security reasons Bachan and Rai families may shift for limited access marriage.

Most of the fans want to see this marriage happening in front of their eyes and not behind the closed doors. In coming times, we all can expect to see curtain rising over this situation. Both Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai are super star and therefore it will be very exciting for many of their fans to see them as husband and wife.

Moreover this marriage will remind us about the marriage of the Amitab Bachan and Jaya Bachan, both were the leading stars of their time when they married each other. We all can know look forward for the time when both couple become public after marriage. Now onward the coming time will be full of many more exciting news related to the couple. So get excited for the marriage and enjoy the fun, if may not be invited for the marriage.

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