Saturday, March 15, 2014

It is a great to get appreciated when people love your work

Though, it is not right to always look for apprications or depend on appreciations; however, in reality we all like to get appreciated for our work. Recently, I created a picture and started selling it on Initially, I was worried that people will like my idea or not. I put all efforts to make this book as good as possible; therefore, I was quite confident. For the first few months, I didn't get any response, but this week I got first appreciation when a buyer of my book gave my book 5 out of 5 rating. With this my confidence in my book has increased many times and I will create more such books in the future. I love photography, I never miss an opportunity to capture the best pictures of the nature. By creating a book of the best pictures, you give a permanent life to your book. I have got few more interesting pictures of flowers and I hope to make a next edition of this book shortly. 

It is a Hard Task to Keep your Child Busy

When you become a parent, then you learn so many new things. The biggest problem you face is that how to keep your child busy because by doing so you steal some time for yourself. Most children in the age of 2 to 5 always try to get your attention and follow you. Due to this reason, you sometimes find it hard to get time for yourself. Children mostly love hungry and they like to stay more with the parent who makes them comfortable more. To solve this problem, we can find some methods to keep children busy with games or other educational stuff. When children are busy then they don't look for you or follow. By doing so, you get a free time for yourself to do important work. When experience, we come to learn what engages children and what they like? Today, we can find many useful applications and educational toys which engage children and increase their mental ability. In this way, you get double advantage, first you increase mental ability of your child second you get time for yourself. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dance Fun

We all know this fact that there exists a great fun in dance; therefore, dance is present in every culture of the world. It is believed that dance came into existence when people wanted to express their happiness. Recently, I got a chance to dance at a dance event during the marriage of a relative. The event organizers managed the dance program very well and we all enjoyed it very much. The main attraction of the program was fog machine. Today, people can buy best fog machine at many online websites and make their dance events a great success. Today, we can find many such solutions to enjoy dance events in a great way. A good dance event is remembered by large numbers of people for a long time; therefore, it is important to make every effort to make it best dance event.

Worrying is Totally a Waste of Time

When I look back at the life spent so far, then I find how I wasted many useful moments of life because of unnecessary worrying habit. This is a common story of many people like me. We all waste a good portion of our lives by worrying about unnecessary things which never happens at all. Though, at that time, such situations look very real and negative; however, with time we either find solutions for these problems or time heals everything. However, no one can be back the time wasted in worrying. We only regret for our worrying habit when it is too late doing anything. Worrying not only wastes our health, but it also destroys our mental and physical health. To leave the habit of worrying, we need to work on making our thinking positive and refined. Instead of wasting time on worries, it is better to look for the solutions and do things which can help us to reduce worries. In general, life is difficult and it is difficult because of unsupportive surrounding. Sooner or later, we need to learn to work with such surrounding well. When we make ourselves strong, then we reduce our worries to a big extent. 
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