Politics of Hate

Politics of hate is not a new thing in our world and many leaders across the world have used hate for increasing their foothold in politics. History is full of many such names of leaders who seeded hatred in the hearts of millions of people for personal ambitions and controlling them. Policy of hate is also very similar to policy of divide and rule used by British in India to stop Indians from getting freedom. Policy of hate also works on the same rule in which political leader create an atmosphere of hate and fear among the people, therefore forcing them to avoid others and follow the leader.

We can also find one similar example in recent Mumbai agitations where Raj Thakara’s party started attacks on North Indian people by terming them as threat to the people of Maharashtra. By doing this Raj Thakare is also doing the politics of hate for becoming famous among the people of Maharashtrian origin which are still standing with Shiv Sena and NCP. He is also trying to divide the people of Maharashtra from North Indian people by increasing hatred for each other among them. Mostly, general public finds it very hard to understand the real motives of leaders and how they use them for their personal gains.

After this controversy, Raj Thakare may emerge as a big leader in Maharashtra but ordinary people of Maharashtra will take years to remove these hate feelings for each others in their hearts. In present India, we cannot allow these kinds of leaders to do what they want to do with the help of force and it becomes the duty of people and present government to not allow these leaders using these cheap tactics.

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