Advantage of Joint Family System

India is one country which is known across the world for its strong traditions and cultural values. Joint Family system is one great gift by ancient Indian tradition to world. In India large numbers of families follow joint family tradition where large numbers family members live together under one roof. Numbers of members can vary from 10 to 50 in each joint family unlike today’s nuclear families where we see 2 to 5 members. Ancient people of India followed joint family system in India because of numbers of advantages associated with joint family system in India. Below, I am writing few advantages of joint family system and how it is better to nuclear family system.

1) Joint family system is much cost effective as compared to nuclear family system, here large numbers of people share same things which decreasing need for large numbers of objects.
2) Psychological support, joint family system provides a great psychological support as we always find people inside our home to listen to our worries and solve our problems.
3) Reducing financial worries, as large numbers of people contribute therefore it makes it easy to manage finances. Even it is possible for a joint family to survive and manage if any member fails to earn any money in particular month.
4) Helping each other, members of joint family easily get lots of help in their own family.
5) Supporting each other, members of joint family support each other to do various things.
6) A joint family can face a problem more strongly as compared to a nuclear family because of its member’s strength and support; and it also comes out of these problems fast.
7) A joint family system is good for any country as it uses fewer resources while gives back more output.
8) A joint family makes any society or country more strong because of strength of these family units.
9) A joint family provides more help in restoring old cultures and traditions, as old people of family educate new members of family about various traditions and family values.
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