Betrayed Woman

Today I am sharing with you the story of women who was first betrayed by her parents, then by her husband and then by her children. In the old age she is feeling confused and frustrated about her life. Her life started as a loving daughter in the middle class family. There was everything in her house. Her parent’s taken care of her well. She never had to face any scarcity of anything. She got every facility to grow and get education. She completed her studies by doing masters in English and teaching. This was any way a good educational background in India. A person who gets these degrees is seen as a good being and got respected for his achievements. For the point of view of a girl in India this is big achievement even at present time. At that time very few girls get the chance to study up to this level.

However her luck was not with her. Her parents had given her everything but they were not ready to give her freedom to choose her own life. She had just completed her studies then suddenly her sister died leaving her one year old son. Her parents decided to marry her to her sister’s husband. They never tried to know what is in her mind or what she wants to do. Also at that time it was not possible for a girl to disobey her parents. This was looked like a biggest crime in world. Her husband was not as educated like her and he was a businessman. For initial some years everything goes right, what after few years she discovered lot of bad habits of her husband. Her husband lies most of the time. He did not do his business in a fair way. He lost lot of money in business. He also tried lot of jobs but he failed in everything.

She was never able to feel comfortable due to the reckless attitude of her husband. Her younger sister who had also done masters in psychology got the job as university lecturer. Her brothers got well settled in business. These things make her more restless. She was in the most desperate state compared to all the brother sisters in family. Her only hope is form her two sons who are her real ones because the son of her sister had started living alone with his wife. Her elder son again betrayed as he had the most of the habits similar to his father. He also lies and lost money in business. She tried to convince him lot to not go on the way of his father. However she was not able to make any difference to him. At this stage their family business is in bad shape. She is even finding difficulties in running her home. This is really an embracing situation for women of her caliber, which is in this situation for not her fault. Her only hopes now rely on her second son who is working in call centre after completing her graduation. God knows what is in her future.
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