Advantage of having good relations with boss wife

When we are doing a job especially in insecure sector then your relations with our boss wife can play a vital role in helping you in many ways. Do not take it otherwise; I am taking about only good and healthy communicative relations. You should be able to communicate with her your point of view well and if you are able to convince her with your point of view then it is more appropriate. Usually we do not know the advantage of all these things until we fell into some difficulty. In these situations she can help you in big way even sometime more than your boss.

In this difficult ward the chances of errors always remain there. We can not avoid them and also some time situations are not in our favor. It may be difficult for you to convince your boss, but she can do it in minutes. Many times I do mistakes in my daily reports and after once sending them I can not change them. However due to my good relation she told me my mistakes and rectify them for me. In this way she stops my mistakes going further and producing troubles for me. More over if we have the good relation with boss’s wife then chances of your boss misbehaving with us are less.

She is like a big sister for you who can guide you and help you in difficulties. It is very easy to make good relation with the boss wife, only follow one thing treat her like a boss. Follow her small orders and respect her like your boss. She is not doing any job. But A desire to be like her husband is there in her heart. From inside she wants to be treated in same way. And there is nothing wrong in it, when you compare with help which she can provide to you. However you should be much cautious in doing all this. Your behavior should be respectful and in some limit. You should not try to break her personal space.
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