Laziness- Does it spoiling your Life?

Laziness is the biggest enemy of mankind. Due to it, many people are not able to achieve those heights in life which they would have otherwise achieved in life. I know many people who had the great potential, however due to their laziness they remained failure in life. They only wanted to achieve everything in minutes or without efforts. They wanted to be rich by only dreaming and not doing any concrete efforts for it. There life was not in their control rather they were in the control of life. They only waited for miracles to happen. Most of the times nothing happened and now, they feel betrayed by life.

Main problem is that they are losing their talent with the time. What they would have achieved by now using their talent is lost by them. They become burdens on others and at some stage others also started saying no to them. It is better not to reach at this situation in life. We should never run away from facing difficulties in life. There has never been any substitute for hard work. Hard work help us is making our skills more strong. We only require right direction with the right dose of hard work. Otherwise laziness will spoil everything available with us and make us weak in front of the difficulties of life.

There are lots of real stories present in daily life where people regret for what they have not achieved in their early life. It is always advisable to do a job at an appropriate time. Life gives us very few chances and at certain times only; and once they are lost are lost for ever. Therefore, this is my advice and personal experience to come up above laziness and perform the jobs meant for us with all dedication.


  1. very true... If one decides there is no one who can stop him/her from doing anything good. others then his/her laziness, which is the biggest enemy.

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