Friday, March 14, 2008

Reality of Virgin mobile India

Presently, Virgin mobile is busy in attracting more number of people towards its mobile operation in India. We can easily find front page advertisement on leading newspapers and commercials on various TV channels. Virgin mobile has also announced number of attractive schemes like free credit for receiving calls (first time in India).

They have also made tall claims on their connectivity, service and experience with their mobile service. However, the major problem is that where is real virgin network because Virgin India mobile service is no way different from Tata indicom mobile service of India because Virgin is using the same platform of Tata’s as used by Tata indicom.

Therefore, any problem associated with the Tata indicom network will also remain attached with Virgin mobile. Already, there are many complaints against Tata indicom network related to poor connectively, coverage, call drop, slow speed of internet, congestion etc, and then how Virgin mobile claims itself to be away from all these problems. Moreover, virgin mobile is not disclosing this fact to people and only attracting people towards it with the help of its strong brand image and popular schemes.

Though, their schemes could be popular ones and some of their schemes have already created curiosity among the general public but still it is duty of Virgin mobile to tell the truth to people that they are using Tata indcom network and they do not have their own network in India. After knowing the reality what people decide is up to people of India.

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  1. I fully agree with you that Virgin will have to share the burden of poor network quality with Tata and probably even their poor customer service. I am also not sure how are they going to achieve this.

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