Art of Seeing of your thoughts

Our mind most of the time remain full with so many imaginations and thoughts that we hardly find any time to remain in calm state. Every second our mind remains occupied with 100 hundred of unwanted thoughts and mostly, we have no control over these thoughts. The main problem with these thoughts is that they control our emotions very strongly. Sometime, they make us sad, sometime fearful and sometime divert our attention from important work. Mostly, people find it hard to control their thoughts or having close watch on them.

Though, it is not easy to make one’s mind calm immediately and people require practice of years to learn this skill, however, we all can easily stop our mind from affecting us negatively if learn the art of seeing our thoughts. We need to know that our thoughts are either helping us or making our paths more difficult. Many times in life, our thoughts create a mental block toward some work or task and thus increase the chances of failure for us.

Even many psychological studies have proved that positive thoughts and emotion help people in a big way in achieving their dreams. For cultivating a habit of positive thinking we first need to learn the art of seeing our thoughts and knowing what is going in our mind and in thoughts. By learning this art, we can easily avoid the negative thoughts from affecting us and then finally replacing them with positive ones. For becoming apt in this art, people are required to watch their thoughts as they are watching thoughts of some other person and without indulging in them.

Initially, it may look very difficult for starters but with constant practice, we can easily learn to watch our thoughts without indulging in them. In this way, we can easily filter negative thoughts like anger, lust, jealousy etc taking control of us, moreover, this art can also provide help in becoming a calmer person with less mental agitation which is a common story among the modern people.

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