Thursday, March 30, 2006

Celebrating 100000 plus readership

Yesterday when I was going through various sites where I have published my articles, I noticed that so far more than 100000 people have visited my articles. Six months back when I started writing then this was a very difficult dream for me. I have lot of apprehension about my writing. I want to write but did not know what to write and where to write. Then one day I came across rediffblog. I started posting my writings on it.

Soon after it I got to know about I started submitting my articles on it. provided me with a platform to write on various topics. Then I came across There strong editing has encouraged me to improve my writing skills. After that I suddenly got information about through an article published on From there I also got information about Google/Adsense. I have lot of good experience with

It helped me in writing good and content rich articles. Through, I am able to understand Google/Adsense more deeply. Last of my venture is on It is a site similar to I feel happy that today through my writing 100000 plus people know me. My writing has provided me the opportunity to cross borders and reaches in all parts of world. Hoping for soon, reaching 1000000 plus mark.

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