A great Indian Airforce based Movie Operation Valentine (Watch Trailor)

With the increase in power of technology on the hands of Indian film producers, we are getting chance to see some of the best war movies and the latest trend is for Airforce based movies where we see Indian war planes crossing the border and nailing the adversaries. A few months back, we saw Tejas movie by Kangana Ranaut and now two movies are in limelight one is "Fighter" of Rithik Roshan and other is "Operation Valentine", a Telugu movie of Varun Tej. Today, I will talk about Operation Valentine because I got stunned to see its trailer which looks so realistic and appealing. So, I felt compelled to write about this heroic movie which portrays Indian Airforce in bright colour. A few years back, It was only possible for Hollywood to make such stunning movies based on Airforce but now India is heading in this race, and we are showing the power of Indian Airforce well. 

Movie Operation Valentine is based on the true events that makes this movie even more interesting. It is important to make such patriotic movies to keep the moral of Indian audience high and also to show the power of Indian Airforce to the world. I liked the tailor of Operation Valentine very much and I hope that You will also like it. This movie is produced by Sony pictures, and it is going to release worldwide on 16th Feburary, 2024, till then we can enjoy the Trailor of this movie. For you reference I have added the Trailor of movie below.  


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