Deadly second wave of coronavirus in India (No lessons Learnt from First Wave)


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Corona Virus is back in India and this time it is much bigger and dangerous than the earlier one. In the post, Is India ready for Coronavirus? I discussed things that give an idea about the preparedness of India and the Indian healthcare system to control the coronavirus. The first wave of coronavirus has already given many bad shocks for Indians and shown to us that how our health care system is overstretched and not up to the mark. Now the second wave of coronavirus is giving trouble to India. Already talked about it in the Last Post on Surge in Coronavirus cases in India

The second wave of coronavirus is much bigger than the first wave and it is hitting harder the Indians and Indian healthcare system. If we look at the present situation then it looks that we have learned no lessons from the first wave of the coronavirus and never anticipated a stronger second wave of the coronavirus. If we go by national news then our hospitals have no beds and oxygen. Similar situation, we can find at the cremation grounds. People coming with dead bodies have to wait longer for the cremation because of the large arrival of dead bodies at the cremation centers. 

The bad point about the Indian system is that we make any announcements when we are in trouble but no one checks at the end that things are done properly or not. After the first wave of coronavirus, our healthcare system and government's response to it must have improved for the second wave. However, we see the reverse of it. At the time of the first wave of the corona, I thought that our healthcare system will improve after finding its weaknesses. Governments also made so many announcements to increase the number of beds, ventilators, and other facilities in the hospitals. 

However, when we look for the improvements today then we don't find many. Only see traces of corruption in which cheaper health types of equipment bought for expensive rates. Coronavirus 2 has already become very deadly and it may collapse our healthcare system if it is not controlled soon. 

The only hope, we have from the vaccination is going at a slow pace. If we want to save the common people of India then we need to increase the numbers of people covered under vaccination. So far, only around 12 crore people have got the first dosage of the corona vaccine and around 1 crore have got both doses. Therefore, we need to increase the speed of coronavirus vaccination so that we can control the second wave of coronavirus and be ready for the third wave of coronavirus if any.

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