New Surge in Corona Virus cases in India


Corona Virus, India

Presently, India is seeing a new surge in the cases of Corona Virus, and the number of people dying from Coronavirus is already rising. So far more than 1.5 Lakh people have died from Coronavirus in India and it is a big number. When Coronavirus just entered India then I wrote this post that Is India ready for Corona Virus? In the post, I discussed many points related to this virus. Two months back, it looked that Coronavirus is slowly going away from India and the active cases of Coronavirus decreased below 10,000 per day. However, now the number of cases in few states of India like Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, etc started to see an increasing trend which is alarming well for India. 

Already, we have suffered a big loss from Coronavirus and we can't expect more blow from it. We suffered many ways from the Corona pandemic and many people suffered big financial losses due to lockdown. Therefore, no one wants to see again the time of lockdowns. The newly developed Coronavirus vaccine has emerged as a new hope for many Indians but because of the large pollution of India, it will take quite a long time in vaccinating all Indians. The vaccination process is in the second phase and it will cover all the people above 60 years of age and people above 45 years of age with some critical illness. 

Despite the launch of the vaccination drive, we need other efforts to stop the spread of the new wave of Coronavirus because vaccination is a long process and it will take time. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of every person to take all precautions related to stopping the spread of Coronavirus so that we can finally defeat it. 

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