Better Credit Card Management with Cred and Also get some real cashback


Credit cards are not new to our world and we are seeing an increase in their usage with the youth. Today, credit cards have become an important tool for shopping because they offer many benefits like Easy EMI, Zero EMI, Easy cash, etc. These concepts of credit cards make it easy for people to buy things today and pay for them later in easy installment. However, the management of credit cards is not an easy thing and many people become victims of overspending on the credit card and later finds it hard to pay the remaining balance back. 

Recently, I got a chance to use Cred to pay my credit card bills. I am using credit cards for more than 15 years and I have used many of their offers. In these last 15 years, I never found a service that pays you back something when you make a credit card payment through them. When you make a credit card payment through the Cred app then you get the same number of points equal to the amount paid by you. Depending upon the amount of payment made by you you get the option to buy scratch cards of different denominations from the points earned by you. 

For example, if you made a payment of Rs 2200 then you will get 2200 Cred points and for these points, you can buy two scratch cards of up to Rs 1000 cashback. If your payment is more than Rs 10000 then you can buy scratch cards of up to Rs 5000 cashback. Now, whatever cashback you get from Rs 1 to Rs 5000 is immediately credited to your credit card thus next time you need to pay less for the amount for your credit card bill. Moreover, you can use the remaining Cred points to buy discounts on other items available on the Cred app. 

Moreover, they do remind you about the payments dues on the credit card and also tell you about any hidden charges on your credit card. Overall, I can say that Cred is an important tool for credit card users and it too offers some real rewards to you these rewards keep on increasing the more you use their payment system. 

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