Earn up to 10 Lakh by refering just three friends to CRED (Online Credit Payment system)

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Pay Credit Card Bills and Win 10 Lakh rupees

I have already introduced you to the CRED (Online Credit Card payment system) that rewards people for paying credit cards dues, rent payment through them. For every payment you make with the help of CRED, you get assured cashback. You can save from hundreds to thousands of rupees yearly by using their service. There is no other service like CRED that pays you back for paying credit card bills or rent payments. Now they have come up with Rupees 1 Lakh reward for referring three friends to CRED. People who will refer their three friends, they will get assured Rs 2250 and in addition, can get rewards of Rs 10,000, 1 Lakh and 10 Lakh etc. 

In past also, we can find many such happy customers of CRED who have received big rewards from CRED. To participate in the program, you first need to join CRED for paying your credit card payments. Then visit the refer friend page to refer your friends to CRED. Interested people can easily download the CRED app. I have been using CRED for last year for paying my credit card bills, I have earned multiple rewards from them in form of cashback and discounts. Paying credit card bills can be rewarding, may look strange to some people, however, it is a reality of today thanks to solutions like CRED.

CRED also pays rewards for paying RENT through them by using CREDIT cards. Already, millions of people are using their service and getting cashback on their payments. CRED is a good solution to get back some money spent by us and also option to win big rewards always stays. 

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