Corona Vaccine - A relief from Corona Virus


Corona Vaccine,

The year 2020 was totally destroyed by Coronavirus and it made the life of millions of people very difficult across the world. The arrival of the Corona vaccine has given some hope to ordinary people that they can now live a Coronavirus free life. Millions of people across the world have already lost their lives because of the Coronavirus. We can't do anything to these people but we can stop more people from becoming victims of coronavirus. When coronavirus stuck in India then everyone was worried that Is India ready for Corona Virus? However, the response of India was very well targeted and the death rate from coronavirus in India is very less as compared to other western countries. 

Corna Virus presented many challenges among ordinary people of India but ordinary Indians fought back very well. People managed to find ways to remain away from the coronavirus. Now Government of India has come up with the world's largest drive to inject ordinary people with the corona vaccine. The first phase of the Corona vaccine to healthcare workers is already a success and soon, we will see more people covered under this campaign. Already some states of India have notified that they will give free corona vaccine to their people, this is really good news to millions of poor Indias who can't afford expensive corona vaccine. 

We all know the deadly effect of the Corona Virus, therefore, it very important to inject every ordinary person with the Corona vaccine as soon as possible. Indians are lucky because our two companies have succeeded in making the corona vaccine in a very fast time and we can get four more in less than one month's time. In the coming months, we can expect that plenty of corona vaccines will be available for every Indian citizen and then only we can say the final goodbye to Coronavirus. 

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