We love God or we fear God

Today, I want to ask one question from all of you that you love god or you fear god because I have mostly seen that people go to temples because they fear god. Everyone wants to avoid anger of god so he goes to temple and perform many rituals. It is very hard to find a single person who goes to temple because he loves god. Today’s relation of God and man fear is more predominant than love.

On the other hand, god wants our love only; if we are offering him our true love then there is no need to perform any rituals and visit temples. Reaching God out of inner fear is very wrong and it will only repel god. There are many stories present in past where god visited his lovers first over people who were praying him because of fear. To seek god, we need to learn to love him first. There is nothing as supreme as love for god. More pure is your love more power it has in it.
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