Adventure of Tough Road Drive

I never miss an opportunity to drive on tough roads because I love it. I clearly know that it is very difficult task to drive on some of these roads and never of times, you may stuck at wrong end. However, still there is lot of fin associated in it because you enjoy a great flow of adrenal in your world. Mostly, final destination offers a great reward for you because you were looking for it. For example, my 14 km journey to hill top of international paragliding site was full of adventure and thrill because road was very narrow at numbers of places. Slowly climb a hill and witness most amazing beauty of nature. Similar was my journey to Barrot Water project and Kali ka Tibba (Chail). I love driving so I enjoy these thrills. Though, I want to caution everyone that it could be deadly if we do not take necessary precautions on these journeys. In future, I have plans of crossing many tough roads and enjoy my passion of driving. 

Billing, Paragliding, Road ride,
Drive to Billing
Chail, Kali Ka Tibba
Drive to Kali ka Tibba (Chail)
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