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Valuable Lesson of Life- Glass is half filled or half empty

One of greatest lessons of life is present in this line “Glass is half filled or half empty”. This is not a new line and almost every person knows it; however, problem is that no one believes it. Mostly, we all like to believe part of story which tells that half glass is empty and hardly, we believe on part of story which tells that half glass is filled.

The main reason behind this fact is our tendency to give more weightage to negative things over positive things. For example, we will observe few negative points in a person much earlier as compared to numbers of good points in him. This is basic human tendency to have more focus on negativity. We are grown in such manner that our mind alerts us on seeing a negative point while our mind does not create same stimulation on seeing positive points.

To live happily and peacefully in life, we need to focus our thinking on positive facts of life and we need to learn to ignore negative facts. Though, we can not ignore large numbers of negative points; however, it is much easier to ignore few ones. Moreover, every person in this world has some negative points; therefore, we are required to understand that no person can be perfect. This law also applies to numbers of bad situations in life because these situations in life may be very damaging; however, there are always good points associated with them.

By having our focus on negative parts of life, we create a negative energy around us. This negative energy leads to mental and physical stress in person. On the other hand, by focusing on positive parts of life we create a positive energy which makes us healthy and happy.


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