Political Advertisements and Assembly Election 2012

In Early 2012, we will see two assembly elections in Punjab and Utter Pradesh. Both these elections are important elections because they will decide fate of many strong regional political parties like Akali Dal, BSP, SP etc. In Punjab, it is do or die situation for Akali Dal and in UP, it is do or die situation for BSP. Both these parties are in power and they know this fact that it will be going very hard for them win these elections. Therefore, both parties are trying every thing to vow state electorates.

One of such example is huge expenditure on advertisements. Both of these parties are taking help of newspaper and TV advertising to show their achievements. BSP is taking help of 5 minute long TV advertisement to show progress in state of UP during its tenure while Akali Dal is giving full page news paper advertisements to show its government achievements. Why these parties are required to advertise their achievements? The answer is that they think that people of state do not know about them.

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As per political reviews and predictions, both these parties are in danger and they may not succeed in making next governments. Therefore, these parties are looking towards advertisements as a help. Will these advertisements will provide any benefit or not? No one has answer to this question; however, we can know from past records that such campaigns have failed in large numbers of cases. With in few months, it will become clear that how people of Punjab and UP will react to such campaigns.
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