When we miss unique moments of life

The unique point of life is its freshness and uniqueness. Every moment, every second life changes many colours and we hardly see same look of life again. Unfortunately, large numbers of people miss this unique part of life because they either remain busy with their past life moments or they remain busy in imagination of future moments. Due to this reason, they never see beauty of life and always blame life for being ugly. God has made life in such manner that it never repeats itself because it wants to surprise us.

These surprises of life create beauty of life and make it unique and fresh. It is very important for every person to come out of his past memories and not indulge in future imaginations at the cost of present life because otherwise we can never unit with life. A person who is one with life lives a very exciting and joyful life as compared to people who remain busy with past or future moments.

Whatever happened in past is an old story and no one can change it while what will happen in future is a mystery; therefore, it is total wastage of our brain energy on useless things. On the other hand, we can live in present life like fresh water flows in river. This act does not require any effort from our part because we flow with life and dance with it. Life is great in all aspects; we can see it by changing our attitude towards life.
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