Assembly Election 2011 West Bengal Dates

Today, Election Commission of India announced dates of forthcoming assembly election in Indian state of West Bengal. In West Bengal, Assembly Election will take place in six phases and counting of votes will take place on 13 May, 2011. Legislative Assembly of West Bengal will expire on 11.06.2011; therefore, it was important for Election commission to held election before this date. There are total 294 seats in West Bengal and out of which 68 seats reserved for SC and 16 seats reserved for ST. There are total of 5,60,91,973 voters in West Bengal which will vote in this election. Photo Electoral Rolls will be used in this election and 95.54 % voters in West Bengal have Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC). Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) will be used in this election for all assembly seats. There will be total 51919 polling stations for voting. Election commission will do video graphy of all critical events and sensitive polling stations. West Bengal Elections will start with 24-3-11 notification for first phase and ends with final counting on 13 May 2011. Also visit West Bengal Assembly Election 2011 Who will win West Bengal Assembly Election?

Below find details of West Bengal Assembly Election 2011 dates.

Phases Notification Date Date of Withdrawal Date of Poll

Ist Phase 24-3-11 04-4-11 18-4-11

2nd Phase 30-3-11 09-4-11 23-4-11

3rd Phase 02-4-11 13-4-11 27-4-11

4th Phase 07-4-11 18-4-11 03-5-11

5th Phase 11-4-11 21-4-11 07-5-11

6th Phase 14-4-11 25-4-11 10-5-11

Date of Voting for All Phases will be on 13-May-2011
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