Indian Stock Market Bleeding

In last two days, Indian stock market has lost more than 900 points and presently, it is near 16000. As per analysis, stock market can move further down because of weak signals from world stock markets, negative industrial growth, high crude oil prices, economic uncertainties etc. At present, there are more numbers of negative reasons as compared to positive news for Indian stock market; therefore, we can see worst performance from stock market in coming future.

Indian currency has seen major deep and it has touched almost Rs 50 mark against dollar which shows weakness of Indian currency. This negative currency fluctuation with high inflation is likely to accelerative negative industrial output in upcoming times except some benefits for export industry. So this is time for investors to remain cautious while investing in stock market because market outcomes to remain uncertain in near future.

At this point, people can opt for options like systematic investment plans so that they should not make big direct investment in stock market. In last three years, we have seen crashes in stock market which has decreased trust of people on stock market investment; though, some individual stocks are still performing very well and people can invest in such stock after complete study.
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