Which one is my priority?

The biggest reason of failure in life is inability to set priorities in life. Many people waste their life in doing ordinary things while they miss opportunity to do a productive works. When we wake up in the morning then we may have numbers of works present in front of us to do today. Some of these works may be more important than rest of other works. 

Now, it is our duty to set our priorities for finishing most important works first and not waste our time with ordinary works. However, due to laziness and lack of goals, people remain busy with ordinary schedules while miss many golden opportunities. Any person can become highly successful in life by setting right priorities and working as per priorities. 

It is important to set goals and have clear idea of priorities to achieve success in life. For example, during an exam it should be priority of a student to study and not waste his time. People with set priorities and goals achieve success much easier way than others who drag here and there behind unimportant things. So when you wake up next morning then it must be your agenda to set priorities and work on them.
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