Fear is great enemy of Human Growth

It is great desire of every human being to grow in life and become successful; however, large numbers of people fail in achieving desired goals of their life. One of major reasons behind human failure is human fears. Different people have different kinds of fears in life and thus fears stop people from taking challenges in life.

To succeed in life, we all are required to take some calculated risks and venture in to many unknown territories. However, our fears pull us back and we leave our ambitions and goals. Fear is present in every person because uncertainties of life create many fears. It is near to impossible to image a life without fears because our fears grow with us.

We all can control our fears to large extent by facing our fears. When we start defeating our fears then slowly our fears start disappearing and we emerge as strong human beings. Some people take the reverse method of running from fears which throw them further deep in to fear circle. Fears are great enemy of human growth because they destroy essential energy present in every human.

 A fearful person lacks important energy to grow and fulfill their goals; therefore, they hardly succeed in life. On the other hand, a fearless person is full of vital energy which helps him in achieving his goals.
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