Anna Hazare Vs Government. Who will win?

At present biggest question present in front of us is that who will win battle between Anna Hazare and Government of India. Both Anna Hazare and Government are adamant on their stands and they are using all tactics to put pressure on other side. So far, government looks to be losing this battle because it tried autocratic measures to suppress Anna Hazare’s struggle like it crushed Baba Ramdev’s agitation; however, this time government underestimated support behind Anna Hazare.

He looks to enjoy much wider and bigger support of common people as compared to Baba Ramdev; therefore, we are seeing massive protests by ordinary people across the world. Not only, we are seeing protests in India; however, there is also news of protests from abroad. At present Anna Hazare enjoys a great support of common people of India who see him as their savior from corruption. Government of India has so far failed to take any concrete action against widespread corruption present in country; therefore, many people do not trust government and its actions.

On the other hand, Anna Hazare looks adamant on his struggle and to provide relief to common people. Therefore, large numbers of common people are coming forward to support Anna Hazare. With time, we can see much wider increase in support for Anna Hazare and this struggle can gain more momentum. On the other hand, government has taken many wrong steps at initial stage which are causing major embarrassment to government. So far, Anna Hazare looks to be coming out as winner from this battle and government looks to be losing this battle; however, in next few days clear picture may emerge in front of us.
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