Life is Beautiful

We read this line many times; however, largely we fail to discover this truth. Mostly, we remain unhappy with life. Why we fail to see beauty of life? Are we victims of life? Do circumstances not favor us? There may be thousands of reasons available with person to remain unhappy with life because we all give importance to bad side of life and generally, allow good side of life to pass by.

 Many small things happen around us; which can add considerable amount of freshness and happiness to life: however, mostly we ignore these things and worry about situations or things which are not in our control. Life’s beauty lies in its simplicity and present. No one can find ultimate happiness in past or future; we just drag ourselves in past and future to enjoy an imaginary happiness which does not exist in reality.

 Due to this habit, we mostly miss many beautiful gifts of life. We all need freedom from past and future to see beauty of life because we have become prisoners of our past life or imaginary future. Therefore, we miss our present and its beauty in this struggle. Just change in thought process can make us a happy or sad person because it is our mind which tells us that we are happy or sad.

 Mind has habit of moving in many directions and confuses a person. With meditation or dedication, we can easily achieve calmness of mind and become free to see beauty of present (Now). We mostly talk about salvation and freedom in life; however all this is not achievable unless we start living in present and enjoy small happiness stored in present.
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