Stress is Modern age silent killer

Today, we may boost of modernization in every sphere of life; however, sad part of this modernization is high level of stress in every part of life. The major side effect of stress is that it is a silent killer. Today’s life style has made us very busy that we hardly have few peaceful moments in our life. This busy and fast life leads to stress in life. This level of stress can vary from mild to intense depending on life conditions. 

Condition of stress puts extra pressure on human mind and body; thus increasing chances of various ailments in body. Blood pressure is one common example of ailment caused by high level of stress in body. Similarly, high levels of stress in body increases chances of many deadly diseases many times. High levels of stress or constant stress can be very deadly because it causing major health problems; therefore, it is very important to work in direction to eradicate or reduce stress from our lives if we want to live a healthy and happy life. 

There are many methods to reduce stress like regular exercise, vacations, dance, listening to favorite music etc. Under extreme acute stressful conditions, it may be advisable to get help of physician. It is important for every person to live a stress free life because stress reduces our ability to enjoy life to its fullest.  
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