Does Government of India is making life difficult for common Indians?

When we see at high prices of eatables and other essential products like petrol then we can understand that it has become very difficult for poor and middle class people to live comfortably in India. However, Government of India is totally blind to such difficulties of common people and it is further increasing prices of these essential items. Inflation has remained in double digit from the time of Congress government in centre. Today, it has become near to impossible for a person earning Rs 10000 to manage his household expenses in proper manner.

Price hike is not restricted to some products only; however, prices of all essential products have gone up by 50 top 200 % in last few years. Though, earning potential of common people has not increased in similar proportion. Moreover, many experts believe that price hike to continue in similar manner in near future too; therefore, it will be very hard for common people to see any relief from this ghost of inflation. The biggest problem with government of India is that it does not want to take any concrete measures to solve this problem; while on the other hand it is following footsteps of world’s failed economies.

At present, it is possible to control this situation; however, if situation is not controlled soon then we can see great troubles in future. Ever increasing process of price increase of essential items will only make life further difficult for common people and we can observe increase in social unrest. Therefore, it is right time to act and make polices to address this problem and put some control on price hike.
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