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Desire to look beautiful

Every person wants to look attractive and there is nothing strange about this feeling. We all know this fact that when we will look attractive then people will give positive response to us and mostly, it is true. So a great desire remains in every person to look attractive and therefore, people use various methods and techniques to remain beautiful. Face plays a very important role in good looks and it is not possible for any person to have attractive looks without having attractive face. However, with aging problems like wrinkle starts affecting our looks, though, we can find many good solutions and treatments to solve this problem. There are large numbers of wrinkle creams in market which claims that they will reduce or totally remove our wrinkles. It is important to read wrinkle cream reviews before buying or applying these creams because in this way people can become sure about their efficacy. With proper treatments, it is very much possible to reduce numbers of such problems and

Condition of American Small Farmers (A comeback story)

Mostly, when any one in India thinks about American farmers then we believe that their condition is much better than our farmers. Though, we can say that American farmers are much advanced than Indian farmers; however, they also face same kind of problems as faced by Indian farmers and farmers of other countries. Today, we live in a world where we can buy all essential items from big shopping malls/stores. Generally, we all believe that these big shops are making our lives very simple; however, there are many dark sides also associated with them. In the time of shopping mall revolution in US, many big companies entered into farming and displaced many small farmers. Many other small farmers left growing crops because they were unable to compete with cheap prices offered by these big giants. So slowly, many American small farmers left growing crops and entered in to other professions. However, recently it came to light that most of these big giants are only working on increasing quanti

Cancer- A reality of present Life

In the present world, it is very easy to find large numbers of people suffering from cancer. As per World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates approximately 10 million people get affected with this disease worldwide and it further believes that Cancer cases are likely to double in next 20 years. This is really an alarming sign for all of us; therefore, it is important for all of us to look for measures to decease numbers of cancer cases in near future. The main reason of increase in cases of cancer cases around the world is hectic and stressful life style of people followed by intake of adulterated food. Today, it is very difficult to find good and organically developed food items in market because most of farmers and middlemen are using various toxins to increase their crop yield plus decreasing time of their growth. If, people will not eat good and hygienic food then chances of diseases like cancer increases many times. However, governments across the world are not serious about handl

Taking care of health while pregnancy

Around the world large numbers of women die while giving birth to children because their bodies do not have enough power to sustain pain and complications of pregnancy. Therefore, it becomes very important to take lot of care while pregnancy. Around the world governments and healthcare agencies are working hard to educate women about eating healthy food and taking necessary multivitamins to avoid complications while pregnancy. Women with good health face very less complications while pregnancy whereas women with weak body face many complications. Women can easily learn about essential prenatal vitamins by visiting links like . By taking good diet and necessary vitamins, women can reduce large numbers of risks related to pregnancy. It is important for pregnant women to go for regular doctor check up and eat all medicines prescribed by doctor. Any negligence at this stage can create many problems for women during child birth. By increasing knowledge about food and v

Importance of computers in Life

In the present world, it is very hard for any person to imagine a life without computers because computers have become integral part of our lives. If today, we remove all computers of this world from this world then our lives will almost stop as computer are doing most of jobs for us. In general computers and various computing machines have made our lives very simple and easy. Now, any person can perform numbers of complex jobs very easily with the help of computers. For example, Airbus uses many big computer operated robotic machines to construct its biggest plane Airbus 380. Today, if Airbus 380 is flying in air then a network of computers is responsible behind its success. Without the help of computers, it was almost impossible to think about constructing such a big plane like Airbus 380. Similarly, computers have helped man to construct numbers of other big milestones which were very hard to achieve otherwise. Today, wherever man is reaching from sky to below sea, these computers a

Amazing Sleeping styles of a Puppy

Human and pet relationship is very old and with time, this relationship has only become stronger. We have pets in our homes because they make us happy and stress free with their strange and funny activities. Many times, these pets act in very strange ways which attract our attention and we enjoy their activities. Below, I am sharing pictures of one such puppy which sleeps in many strange ways. In these pictures, people can watch many funny ways of sleeping of this puppy. Picture Taken by Arvind Katoch

Beautiful pictures of sky (God’s Painting)

Recently, I got chance to see beautiful cloud formation in evening which looked like god’s paintings. In these pictures, I saw beauty of nature and power of god. These kinds of pictures remind us that how beautiful is our world and how nature surprises us. We are required to present at right moment with a camera to observe some of these events. Below, I am sharing these pictures hopefully you will also like them. Also visit- Beautiful pictures of sky (God’s Painting) 2 Pictures Taken by Arvind Katoch

Rainy season and various skin problems

It is very easy to suffer from various skin infections in rainy season because these kinds of atmospheric conditions encourage various kinds of skin infections. Therefore, it becomes very important for people prone to various skin infections to take extra precautions. Skin infection like eczema can commonly happen to people in this season; therefore, it is better to take all necessary precaution. If skin infections like eczema occurs them it is important to go for immediate eczema treatment because skin infections can spread further in this season. Many people generally ignore these infections during this rainy season which cause lot of problem to them in future. It is important to understand that rainy season can increases chances of skin infection many times; therefore, they should take all precaution and go for treatment if they see any kind of infection.

Movie review “Khatta Meetha”

I have lots of hopes from Priyadarshan movie “Khatta Meetha”, however, this movie failed to meet my expectation. Movie “Khatta Meetha” released across India on last Friday. This film was remake of Priyadarshan’s 1988 hit Malayalam film, Vellanakalude Nadu. Akshay Kumar and Trisha Krishnan played lead roles in this film. The story of film revolves around road constructor Sachin Tichkule played by Akshay Kumar and various difficulties faced by him. Through, this film Priyadarshan tried to highlight wide spread corruption present in construction business. Khatta Meetha was promoted as comedy movie which was supposed to give good message to society; however, in the end we only get a message with no comedy and broken storyline. Acting from various characters is ordinary which makes Khatta Meetha a below average film. Though music is film is above average which is only plus point of this film. Overall, I will only like to give two stars to film out of five stars.

Why people migrate to big cities?

This is second article in this series, people can read first article in this series by visiting Cost of living life in Big Cities . In last articles, I discussed about why people from villages migrate to big towns and what they miss after settling in these towns. In this article, I will further discuses this topic and why people basically migrate to cities. The main reason of millions of people migrating to big towns is lack of good earning and educational opportunities in villages. These two basic requirements of life force large numbers of people to leave their villages and migrate to big cities which can fulfil these needs. At the time of independence, India was a village nation with 80% of its population living in villages; however, soon after independence India saw wide spread migratory phenomenon from villages to big cities. Therefore, Indian cities started becoming bigger and bigger mainly because of these migrations and some of these big cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai etc h

Watch First Look of Salman Khan’s "Dabangg"

Below, people can watch first look of Salman Khan for his forthcoming movie “Dabangg”. As per news, Salman Khan has done many changes in his appearance as per the requirement of film and most of his fans have liked his new appearance. This film is directed by Abhinav Kashyap and produced by Arbaaz Khan. This film is expected to release on 10 September 2010. With this film, Sonakshi Sinha, daughter of Shatrughan Sinha is entering Bollywood. Also visit- Watch song Sachi Sachi “Dabangg”

Clothes for various needs

Today, we live a world where we participate in various things and for all these activities; we do need various kinds of clothing. Thanks to availability of so many specific stores in market, we can find clothes as per our need. For example, if any person needs hip hop clothing then he can go to specific store to buy such items. Today, we can even get help of large numbers of online stores which are becoming popular fast. People can easily find all clothing varieties on these online stores and they can even find many discounts options on these stores which are not available otherwise. People can also find huge variety of products online; therefore, it becomes very easy to make a good choice. In present world, clothing needs are much complex as compared to past centuries because people are participating in many activities where they need specific kinds of clothes.

Bihar Election Battle 2010

Presently, Indian state of Bihar is seeing furious political battle between different political parties because Bihar Assembly elections are scheduled for October, 2010. At present Nitesh Kumar lead JDU-BJP alliance is governing state of Bihar from last five years. Nitesh Kumar became chief minister of Bihar in 2005 when his party Janta Dal United won Bihar assembly election by forming an alliance with Bharatiya Janta Party. This alliance became great success in 2005 by winning 142 seats out of total 243. In this way, they stopped winning run of Lalu Yadav and his party Rhastriya Janata Dal which ruled Bihar state for straight 15 years. At that time, Lalu Prashad Yadav was undisputed most powerful leader of Bihar and it was impossible to even think that he will ever be overthrown by someone. In 2005 Bihar Election, his alliance of three political parties Rhastriya Janata Dal – Lok Jan Shakti Party - Congress just got 65 seats which was a very bad performance by any mean and it showed

Motivational Thoughts by Arvind Katoch

Below, people can read some thoughts written by me (Arvind Katoch). This is first set of thoughts and soon, I will update more thoughts written by me. These thoughts are based on my life experience and I hope that these thoughts will provide positive help to people. 1) Happiness does not come when we have everything in life but it comes when we learn to live with anything which life provides to us. 2) It is not very difficult to have an interesting life; we can have it if we only dare to think out of our conventional lines. 3) There are only few true people in any person’s life and rest are just part of a big crowd. 4) Emotions are great instruments available in our hands to tell what is going on in our mind. 5) Sex is a meditation if we are truly in love with our partner. 6) Madness sometimes helps us to explore new horizons of life which otherwise we can never find. 7) I am happy because I want to be happy and I am sad because I want to be sad, it is as simple as it looks. 8) Happine

Importance of Books

Books can play a very important role in shaping our life because we can learn lots of things easily from books. Books provide a great solution in front of us to learn about anything and increase our knowledge level. Therefore, large numbers of people around the world read books because they find them very useful. Books are present in our world from many centuries in different forms and shapes of books are changing with time. Today, we can find books in pdf or audio formats as per the need of people. Though, all these books provide same help by increasing our knowledge levels. People can easily buy books from various book stores available in market or they can use online web stores to order bestselling books.

How get a man to fall in love with you?

This is very common question which large numbers of women and girls ask themselves and others. However, it is very hard to find exact answer of this question because there is no single answer as every person has different likings. Though, we can define certain basic guidelines which can help a woman or girl to attract her man. To attract a man first important thing is to understand about men in general and then about that particular man. Generally, all men have same kind of likings; though, their actual taste can vary from one man to other. First we can start with what men like most in women or girls. 1) First important point is looks when it comes to men then good looks matter lot and generally, men feel strong attraction for good looking girls and women and they want to remain around them. So if you have good looks then you have one plus point. If you do not have very good looks then don’t worry because good looks only help in initial attraction and it decreases with time if men fail

Use of right drugs

Today, we can find many advertisements in various media formats about various drugs which are presented as miracle drugs. Many people start believing these ads as truth and start using these drugs; however, it is very important for people to use drugs which have good safety profile plus they are approved by fda. For example, we can talk about diet pills; large numbers of people use these diet pills to solve various obesity related problems. It is very important for people to use fda approved diet pills which can make it sure that they are using right drugs. It is important to use drugs which have followed all safety measures and they are approved by concerned regulating authorities. In this way, people can become assured about safety and efficacy of these drugs.

Addiction to Facebook

Today, internet has become an integral part of our life and so we are seeing many online addictions among people. One of such latest online addiction is addiction to As per many latest studies, large numbers of people from across the world are suffering from it. Facebook addiction has become very common phenomenon in developed nations like United States of America. In America, it is believed that every fourth person is now addicted to internet and facebook is one major reason of this addiction. In recent times, Facebook has emerged as very popular social networking website where people can easily remain in contact of their friends. When people find their friends on facebook then they also spend lots of time on facebook doing various things like chatting, gaming, sharing etc. This trend is very common among teenage group which loves to spent time on facebook. This trend of facebook is becoming common among large numbers of people from across the world and from all age grou

Watch trailer movie Peepli Live

Below, people can enjoy detailed trailer of Amir Khan’s home production film “Peepli Live”. Peepli Live is small budget film made on ailing condition of Indian farmers. This film highlights how farmers across India are forced to commit suicide due to lack of any kind of help. This film also highlights effects of increasing prices on people. Music of film has already become very popular with songs like Mehngai Dayain. With films on such topics, we can hope that condition of Indian farmers will improve in future. Also visit- Watch video movie Peepli Live’s music launch , Watch Song Mehngai Dayain from Peepli Live

Watch Song Mehngai Dayain from Peepli Live

Below, people can enjoy popular song from Amir Khan’s home production film “Peepli Live” Mehngai Dayain. This song became very popular even before its official launch. This song also highlights increasing prices of essential items in India which is making it hard for common people to live comfortably. This song is sung by Raghuveer Yadav and his team and music is given by Ram Sampa. Earlier singers of this song were paid only Rs 1100 which created controversy around this whole issue. Also visit- Watch video movie Peepli Live’s music launch

Effectiveness of diet pills

Today, we can easily find large numbers of diet pills available in market and all these diet pills claim many good results; however, it is very important to first become sure about these diet pills before trying them. Obesity has become a common issue in present world and large numbers of people are fighting it and its associated problems. They can easily decrease obesity related problems by using diet pills and by combining them with other good measures. People can read about various effects and side effects of drugs to get proper information on them like some people believe apidexin scam ; however, with good reading and information, people can learn that it is very much effective drug. Therefore, good reading can make people informed about drugs which they are going to use and hopefully, they will use best diet pills by having good knowledge of these drugs.

Watch video movie Peepli Live’s music launch

Below, people can enjoy video presentation of music launch of Amir Khan’s home production film “Peepli Live”. Song of film Mehngai Dayain has already become very popular and slightly controversial even before its official launch. As per news, earlier singers of song Mehngai Dayain got only Rs 1100 for recording this song for movie which resulted in Rs 100 per singer wages. This news caused lot of embarrassment to Mr Perfectionist and he called whole team of this song to music launch and gave them 6 Lakh rupees. In first look, music of movie Peepli Live looks very interesting and it is likely to become hit in coming days. Also visit- Watch Song Mehngai Dayain from Peepli Live

Shahid does not want to see Karina?

As per latest video news available below, Shahid Kapoor does not want to see Karina kapoor even on big screen and therefore, he avoided watching his and Karina starrer just released film “Milenge Milenge”. Both stars remained away from the release of this film. Movie Milenge Milenge was shot six year back; however, failed to release at that time. After the success of “Jab We Met” producers of this film decided to release it. People can watch this video to get more detail on this story.

Dhoni Richest Cricketer

Recently, Indian cricket team captain M S Dhoni signed advertising deal worth rupees 2 Crore which made him richest cricketer and sports person of India. Cricket is a very popular game in India and large numbers of people follow it very religiously, so cricketers remain in big demand for advertising various products. Captain Dhoni is very popular among cricket fans because he has provided many historic wins to Indian cricket team and thanks to him, India cricket team is top test team of world. Due to this popularity, all advertiser wants to take Dhoni in their advertisements because they think that associating with Dhoni will increase brand value of their product and large numbers of people buy their products. Earlier, Sachin Tendulkar become famous by signing many such deals; however, presently Dhoni is more popular because he plays more active cricket then Sachin. Game of Cricket is full of money and this deal only represents it. If success of Indian team and Dhoni continued in same

Its electronic world

Today, we all live in an electronic world where various electronic gadgets have made our life very easy. Thanks to these amazing electronic products, we can perform numbers of jobs very easily. From computers to mobile gadgets, everything is changing our life style in big way . We live in a world where everyone wants to remain connected with others and do his jobs in fast manner. These electronic products make us fast and help us in doing various things in fast manner. However, sometimes it become difficult for us to find important components for these products and gadgets which cause lots of trouble to us. To solve this problem, people can get help of various online electronic stores which sell major electronic parts and components. It is much easier to search these items online then to find them on local stores.

Time Table/Schedule India Vs Sri Lanka Test Series 2010

Presently, Indian cricket team is in Sri Lanka to play three test matches against host team. These matches will start from 18th July and will ends on 7th August. Presently, India is number one test team as per ICC test ranking with 124 points. India needs to continue good performance in this test series also to remain on top. Sri Lankan cricket team is considered very strong on its home ground so this series is going to be very tough for India. Below, people can enjoy complete schedule of this test series between India and Sri Lanka. Also visit Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011 Schedule/Time Table India Vs Sri Lanka 2010 Test Series Test Date Time Place 1st Test 18th July 10:00 IST Galle 4:30 GMT 2nd Test 26th July 10:00 IST SSC Colombo 4:30 GMT 3rd Test 3rd Aug 10:00 IST PSO Colombo 4:30 GMT

Popularity of Facebook

Today, Facebook has become an important part of our life and it is very hard for us to underestimate its importance. Billions of people from across the world and from all age groups are becoming fan of this wonderful social network which makes it possible for us to connect with each other. Facebook is different from all other social network sites which are only popular in few parts of world; however, facebook is a worldwide phenomenon which is popular with all. Today’s Facebook has all latest features like option to share small 140 words information, share pictures, share videos, share links etc. People can easily create groups and applications using various facebook features. Facebook in general makes it very easy for us to share important information with friends and world, in just few seconds which is otherwise very hard. Facebook allow us to connect with like minded people from across the world and learn many things from them. People can also join various groups and application ava

Looking younger with Slim Body

Every person in this world wants to look young and people do various things to look young. Therefore, numbers of solutions which can help people in looking young are available and one of it is looking slim. Generally, people with slim body look younger as compared people with obese body. Therefore, if you maintain a slim and well shaped body then there are good chances that you will look much young. People can use various methods available in front of them to reduce weight and look slim. They can join a good gym, start running in morning or get help of doctor. In most of cases doctor’s help is not required but if situation is acute then we need help of doctor and good treatments. People can start taking weight lose drugs like Lipofuze for decreasing excess body fat from their body. It is always a good idea to read reviews about these drugs before these drugs because in this manner people can become more informed about these drugs. By reducing excess body weight, people can easily obse

Bharat Bandh- A success or just Tamasha

Today’s Bharat Bandh by opposition parties got good success and most of parts of India observed full or partial bandh. The main opposition party of India Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) gave this bandh and other opposition parties supported it. The main reason of wide spread impact of bandh is support of all opposition parties to bandh. In last few years, prices of common goods have increased many times, thus common people are finding it hard to live under present conditions. Therefore, opposition parties are seeing a good opportunity in this whole matter to get back to power or increase their support among people. If we ask for success or failure of bandh then it is very hard to define whether bandh was a success or failure. We will only be able to say this bandh successful if common people see any decrease in prices of common goods; however, still government of India has not announced any measures to stop increasing prices. Many opposition parties do run various state governments and the

Watch trailer of movie “We are Family”

Below, people can enjoy trailer of forthcoming movie “We are Family”. The main star cast of film include Kajol, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. This film is expected to release across theatres in India in September month. This film is directed by Siddharth Malhotra and produced by Karan Johar. This is Indian remake of ht Hollywood film Stepmom (1998). In this film, people will able to watch Kareena and Kajol together in single film.

Love Story of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sakshi Rawat

Today, popular cricket player and captain of Indian cricket team Mahendra Singh Dhoni wed his childhood friend Sakshi Rawat. This marriage took place in Dehradun today on 4th July, 2010. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s family live in Ranchi and he has done most of his study from Ranchi whereas Sakshi Rawat has lived in Ranchi in childhood when her father used to work in Ranchi. Later, her father shifted to Dehradun after his retirement and Sakshi Rawat went to Kolkata for further studies. Dhoni’s father and Sakshi’s father worked in same company. Sakshi and Dhoni also studied together in same DAV school in Ranchi; however, after the transfer of Sakshi’s father both got separated. They both meet again on Dec, 2007 during a party given by Bipasha Basu at that time Sakshi was studying hotel management in Aurangabad. As per news Dhoni also went to Aurangabad to meet Sakshi. Few months back, Dhoni and Sakshi were seen together in Masuri and from that time, there were speculations about their marr

Find authentic Happiness (Video guide)

Below, people can enjoy video presentation by Matthieu Ricard, a gifted scientist turned Buddhist monk and bestselling author. This video is part of Google talks which Google organise to motivate its team forces. In this video Ricard is telling people about authentic happiness and how they can get real happiness in their life? This talk is based on his bestselling book Happiness: A Guide to Life's Most Important Skill. People can learn about effects of happiness on our mind with help of modern techniques. People can also learn about power of meditation techniques in increasing happiness level of a person.

Thoughts in Hindi

Below, people can enjoy some beautiful thoughts in Hindi. These thoughts are based on various lessons learned by people from life and people can make their life much better by following these good sayings. Hope these thoughts will make difference in your life. For next seven thoughts visit Thoughts in Hindi (Hindi SMS) 2 Now Available First Book " 35 Famous Hindi Thoughts and Quotes (HD Picture Messages)"  [Kindle Edition] Download Here 1) कोई भी अपने बीते समय को बदल नहीं सकता, पर हम अपने आज को ख़राब कर सकते है आने वाले कल के बारे में जाएदा सोच कर. 2) भगवान उसके लिए बहुत अच्छा करता है जो व्यक्ति सब कुछ भगवन पे छोड़ देता है. 3) हर व्यक्ति एक ही भाषा मैं हस्ता है 4) माँ बाप के लिए वैसा जीवन जीना बहुत जरुरी है जो वह अपने बच्चो को सिकना चाहते है. 5) अगर हम अपने जीवन को पिछले कल के पछतावे से और आने वाले कल की चिंता से भर लेते है, तो हमारे पास शुक्रिया करने के लिए आज नहीं रहता है. 6) आज किए गई चुनाव हमारे कल को प्रभाबित करते है. 7) बुरे शब्द किसी को शारीरक चोट नहीं पहुंचाते ह

How to Define a suitable/perfect life partner?

Every person in this world search for a suitable life partner; however, many of these people never consider that what factors should make their partner a perfect life partner. There are large numbers of things which makes a person a perfect life partner; these things may change from person to person because different people look for different things in a person. In general terms, an ideal suitable life partner can be defined as a person who adds more value and comfort to your life. Large numbers of people ignore this simple definition and they go behind things which are motivated by greed or worldly show off. Soon these people realise that their life has become very uncomfortable and even miserable. Here are few examples of wrong selections- Example 1)- Selecting a rich but bad person as life partner. Here soon people realise that money cannot provide them everything. Example 2)- Only Marrying a girl for her beauty undermining her bad behaviour . Soon same beauty starts looking very ug

Need of good insurance specialist

Today various insurance products have become an integral part of our life and it is very hard to avoid insurance. However, today we can find many insurance products in market which makes it difficult for us to select a single product. Here we need help of good insurancespecialists, who can guide us about good insurance products so that we can buy a good insurance. Due to competition, we see many insurance products in market and every insurance company make numbers of claims but only a good insurance specialist can tell us truth of an insurance product. People can also read reviews by many insurance specialists on various websites to select a good insurance product. With help of good advice and information, people can easily buy a good insurance as per their needs.

How fun can make people to work?

Generally, people do not like to work hard and they look for ways to avoid any situation where some efforts are required. However, it is very much possible to engage people if we can make their work a fun. Below, people can watch example of a creative work where people found it much enjoyable to choose stairs over rolling stairs. Therefore, we all can make our work more interesting by adding more fun to it.

How to find a suitable life partner?

After reaching at certain age every person starts thinking about finding a suitable life partner because at this stage we start getting bored with our present relations and we look for a serious relationship. A good life partner can easily complete our numbers of expectations and thus can give new direction to our life. However, in the present world it is becoming very hard to find a good life partner because we are becoming a mix-cultured society and people are becoming self oriented. Every person has large numbers of expectations about his or her life partner; however, when we try to find this person in real life then we many times fail in finding such person. It is easy to find perfect and good people in tales but it is not easy to have them in reality. Therefore, many people feel cheated by life and become ready to make compromises; but these compromising states do not yield good results and these relationships generally fall after short time. Thus it is very important to make a ri

Bir Buddhist temple Pictures

Below, people can enjoy pictures of beautiful Bir Buddhist temple situated in Teh. Baijnath of Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. This place is just 8 KM away from Baijnath and connected by single way road and national highway. This place is just 5 KM away from my village Kanarag ( Beautiful pictures from my Village Kanarag, Teh. Baijnath (Himachal) 2 , Pictures of My Village (Vill. Kanarag, Baijnath, Himachal, India ). This temple remains open for general public during daytime between 9 AM to 6 PM except special days of festivals. In Bir, people can find many Buddhist temples and people can visit all of them. These temples are situated just 2 KM away from main Manali-Pathankot National highway. Also visit- Pictures Bhattu Buddhist Temple

Cigarette Smoking and problems to others

Generally, Cigarette smoking cause lots of problem to other people who do not smoke cigarette. Cigarette smoker throughout lots of cigarette smoke which make it hard for many non-cigarette smokers to sit or stand near these people; whereas, it is also hard for cigarette smokers to not smoke cigarettes. Now, people can easily find a good solution in the form of electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette provide much better cigarette smoking experience that without disadvantage of smoke. Electronic cigarettes come with prefilled refill packs which contains numbers of puffs of nicotine. Electronic cigarettes are powered by battery. Therefore, with the help of electronic cigarettes people can enjoy cigarette smoking experience and that without creating any problem to others. These cigarettes resemble shape of a ballpoint pen and people can easily carry electronic cigarettes with them.

Watch Sajde song from movie “Khatta Meetha” and its making

Sajde song from Priyadarshan’s Akshay Kumar starter forthcoming movie “Khatta Meetha” has become hit. Below, people can watch this song and its making in high quality. This song is filmed on Akshay Kumar and Trisha Krishnan. This film will release on 23rd july, 2010. Also visit- Watch Trailer Movie “Khatta Meetha” Song Promo- Making of Song-

Watch Trailer Movie “Khatta Meetha”

Below, people can watch trailer of Akshay Kumar’s forthcoming movie “Khatta Meetha”. This film is directed by famous film director of Bollywood Priyadarshan. Lead roles in this film are played by Akshay Kumar, Trisha Krishnan, Urvashi Sharma and Manoj Joshi. Music of this film is given by Pritam. This film is expected to release across India on 23rd july, 2010. This is a comedy film which highlights wide spread corruption present in government departments. Also visit- Watch Sajde song from movie “Khatta Meetha” and its making

Pictures Bhattu Buddhist Temple

Below, people can enjoy pictures of beautiful Bhattu Buddhist temple situated in Teh. Baijnath of Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. This place is just 5 KM away from Baijnath and connected by single way road. This place is just 3 KM away from my village Kanarag ( Beautiful pictures from my Village Kanarag, Teh. Baijnath (Himachal) 2 , Pictures of My Village (Vill. Kanarag, Baijnath, Himachal, India) ). This temple remains open for general public during daytime between 9 AM to 6 PM except special days of festivals. It takes less than two hours to visit this temple and this temple is build with ancient and modern architecture. Cabs service is easily in Baijnath to visit this temple and selected bus service is also available. People can add this Buddhist temple in this list of places to visit if they are to visit Baijnath. Also visit- Bir Buddhist temple Pictures Pictures Taken by Arvind Katoch

Look for cell phone accessories

Today, we can easily find large numbers of mobile handsets in market from various mobile makers. This market has become very competitive due to the launch of so many brands. Therefore, sometimes people find it hard to search good accessories for their handsets. To solve this problem, people can get help of online stores which makes it easy for people to find accessories for their handsets. People can easily find mobile accessories like cell phone cases on these sites which they do not find on local stores. It become hard for local stores to maintain so many inventories; therefore, they only store accessories of hot selling brands whereas online people can search good variety and large range of products. People can also find good deals on online stores which they do not find on local stores.

Naxal Violence- it is enough now

In recent times, naxal violence has become very common in India and it has emerged as big problem in front of Indian government. Today’s naxalists are highly trained and they carry latest weapon which makes them killing machines. In just few months, hundreds of security and police personals have died in their attacks. However, Indian government is in dilemma that how it should handle this matter. So far, Indian government has stopped itself from using army against naxalists because it believe that naxals are Indian common people and they cannot be treated like terrorists whereas violence by naxalist is increasing very fast and they are becoming very lethal and brutal. Naxalists want to run their parallel government inside India and even they have plan to over through Indian government by 2050. Present Naxals are very determined and highly trained; therefore, it is important for government of India to come out with strong and clear plan on controlling naxal problem in India. Otherwis

Beautiful pictures from my Village Kanarag, Teh. Baijnath (Himachal) 2

Below, I am sharing few pictures of beautiful sceneries captured from backside of my village house. My village name is Kanarag and it is situated in Tehsil Baijnath of District Kangra of Himachal Pradesh. Mine many old generations belong to this place. My village is situated in beautiful Dhauladhar hills known for their beauty. Village is just 6 KM away from Baijnath and it is connected with whole world through single way road. It is great experience to enjoy greenery present all around my village. Village starts looking more beautiful during raining season and it rain continuously for many days in my village. visit earlier pictures- Pictures of My Village (Vill. Kanarag, Baijnath, Himachal, India) Pictures Taken By Arvind Katoch