Naxal Violence- it is enough now

In recent times, naxal violence has become very common in India and it has emerged as big problem in front of Indian government. Today’s naxalists are highly trained and they carry latest weapon which makes them killing machines. In just few months, hundreds of security and police personals have died in their attacks. However, Indian government is in dilemma that how it should handle this matter. So far, Indian government has stopped itself from using army against naxalists because it believe that naxals are Indian common people and they cannot be treated like terrorists whereas violence by naxalist is increasing very fast and they are becoming very lethal and brutal.

Naxalists want to run their parallel government inside India and even they have plan to over through Indian government by 2050. Present Naxals are very determined and highly trained; therefore, it is important for government of India to come out with strong and clear plan on controlling naxal problem in India. Otherwise, this problem will also go out of control of Indian government like many prevailing conflict situations in bordering states. Naxal problem can take even bad shape in India if government of India does not responded on time to solve this matter. Today, time has come when Indian government should start taking hard steps against naxalists and free India from naxal problem. Only strong leadership at center and state can handle this problem well; otherwise, India will be fighting inside India in future.

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