Dhoni Richest Cricketer

Recently, Indian cricket team captain M S Dhoni signed advertising deal worth rupees 2 Crore which made him richest cricketer and sports person of India. Cricket is a very popular game in India and large numbers of people follow it very religiously, so cricketers remain in big demand for advertising various products. Captain Dhoni is very popular among cricket fans because he has provided many historic wins to Indian cricket team and thanks to him, India cricket team is top test team of world.

Due to this popularity, all advertiser wants to take Dhoni in their advertisements because they think that associating with Dhoni will increase brand value of their product and large numbers of people buy their products. Earlier, Sachin Tendulkar become famous by signing many such deals; however, presently Dhoni is more popular because he plays more active cricket then Sachin. Game of Cricket is full of money and this deal only represents it. If success of Indian team and Dhoni continued in same fashion then we can expect even more such deals in future.

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