Addiction to Facebook

Today, internet has become an integral part of our life and so we are seeing many online addictions among people. One of such latest online addiction is addiction to As per many latest studies, large numbers of people from across the world are suffering from it. Facebook addiction has become very common phenomenon in developed nations like United States of America. In America, it is believed that every fourth person is now addicted to internet and facebook is one major reason of this addiction.

In recent times, Facebook has emerged as very popular social networking website where people can easily remain in contact of their friends. When people find their friends on facebook then they also spend lots of time on facebook doing various things like chatting, gaming, sharing etc. This trend is very common among teenage group which loves to spent time on facebook. This trend of facebook is becoming common among large numbers of people from across the world and from all age groups. Today, Facebook addiction is not only restricted to young generation but it is also common to find elderly people enjoying their time on facebook.

Experts believe that it is not wrong to use facebook but it can effect negatively to any person’s health if he uses facebook too much. Facebook addiction also has same side effects like other online addictions and may cause many health related problems if people are spending too much time online. However, it is very hard to stop facebook from entering more deep in to our lives because facebook is becoming more and more popular among people and it is crossing all boundaries.
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