Movie review “Khatta Meetha”

I have lots of hopes from Priyadarshan movie “Khatta Meetha”, however, this movie failed to meet my expectation. Movie “Khatta Meetha” released across India on last Friday. This film was remake of Priyadarshan’s 1988 hit Malayalam film, Vellanakalude Nadu. Akshay Kumar and Trisha Krishnan played lead roles in this film. The story of film revolves around road constructor Sachin Tichkule played by Akshay Kumar and various difficulties faced by him. Through, this film Priyadarshan tried to highlight wide spread corruption present in construction business.

Khatta Meetha was promoted as comedy movie which was supposed to give good message to society; however, in the end we only get a message with no comedy and broken storyline. Acting from various characters is ordinary which makes Khatta Meetha a below average film. Though music is film is above average which is only plus point of this film. Overall, I will only like to give two stars to film out of five stars.
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