Cancer- A reality of present Life

In the present world, it is very easy to find large numbers of people suffering from cancer. As per World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates approximately 10 million people get affected with this disease worldwide and it further believes that Cancer cases are likely to double in next 20 years. This is really an alarming sign for all of us; therefore, it is important for all of us to look for measures to decease numbers of cancer cases in near future. The main reason of increase in cases of cancer cases around the world is hectic and stressful life style of people followed by intake of adulterated food.

Today, it is very difficult to find good and organically developed food items in market because most of farmers and middlemen are using various toxins to increase their crop yield plus decreasing time of their growth. If, people will not eat good and hygienic food then chances of diseases like cancer increases many times. However, governments across the world are not serious about handling this matter properly.

Good eating habits, good life style, meditation and regular exercise can easily decrease chances of cancer by many times; therefore, it is very important to sleep well, meditate regularly, eat good and healthy food to avoid cancer. Governments are also required to come up with strong measures to stop adulteration in food items, so that people can trust food they eating.

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