Importance of computers in Life

In the present world, it is very hard for any person to imagine a life without computers because computers have become integral part of our lives. If today, we remove all computers of this world from this world then our lives will almost stop as computer are doing most of jobs for us. In general computers and various computing machines have made our lives very simple and easy. Now, any person can perform numbers of complex jobs very easily with the help of computers. For example, Airbus uses many big computer operated robotic machines to construct its biggest plane Airbus 380.

Today, if Airbus 380 is flying in air then a network of computers is responsible behind its success. Without the help of computers, it was almost impossible to think about constructing such a big plane like Airbus 380. Similarly, computers have helped man to construct numbers of other big milestones which were very hard to achieve otherwise. Today, wherever man is reaching from sky to below sea, these computers are making it possible for man to achieve such things.

1939’s HP 200A Audio Oscillator by Hewlett-Packard is believed to be first modern computer; though, today’s computers have become very sleek and fast in speed. At the time of invention of computers, nobody would have thought that computers will one day change our life in such big way. Computers are also as useful for doing small things like online shopping, social networking, sharing etc. At the end, we can say that computers have made numbers of positive changes to our lives and they are here to stay for long time with man.
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