4 Mobile connections and 2 Landline numbers, it is true

Yesterday, I bought my fourth mobile number and it increased numbers of active phone connections on my name to six. Ten years back, it was unimaginable for me that I will have so many connections on my name because at that time, people were required to pay for incoming calls at the rate of Rs 8 per minute. Today incoming call to any mobile phone in India is free expect for roaming; therefore, any person can have any number of mobile numbers.

Cost of using a mobile phone or a general telephone has decreased drastically and even people can now think about making international calls whereas STD calls have become like Local calls. Though presently India is second biggest market of telecommunication (by number of mobile connections) just behind China; however, we are all set to become number one as it is becoming more and more economical day by day to afford a mobile phone and a connection. These decreasing prices are making India a strong connected nation where people are taking full advantage of full connectivity.

Life of ordinary people has become very easy and information can be transmitted from one place to other place Kilometres away in just few seconds. Soon 3G will become a big reality in India and it is all set to change how we use a mobile phone. People will not only talk but they will see each other live through their mobile only. If in 10 years, we can see such a big growth then what will happen in next 10 years.
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