India as super hub for small cars

We all know this fact that India is growing very fast and slowly, we are achieving new heights which were otherwise unimaginable for most of us twenty years back. Last year, China over took America as biggest car market of world. Similarly, India is also all set to become a big super power as more numbers of its people will grow. Already, India is on the right track of growth and per capita income of people is increasing very fast.

When people will earn more money; then, definitely they will spend more. Majority of Indian pollution is made of young people who are all set to rule world and it is major factor favouring India in its growth. Most of big automakers from across the world are eyeing India for manufacturing their small cars in India because cost of production of small cars is much less in India as compared to other parts of India plus India offer a very big market for small cars; therefore, no company want to miss this bus.

After big success in IT sector in last decade, time is again favouring India because of its vast population and huge opportunities are available here. As per one report, large numbers of NRI Indian will return to India in next twenty years. Small car segment is not only one story of success of India, there are many stories and many new stories are in the process of coming out. Today’s India is full of new hopes and new possibilities which will definitely change life of all people living in India
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