India is Best

Presently, I am on eight days long vacation in which I have visited Tirupati, Rameswaram and now going to visit Madurai, Kanyakumari and Trivandaram. In present trip, I am getting chance to meet large numbers of people from different parts of India. Today’s India is welcoming all people and in south, local people are very friendly and honest. In north, people are facing strong winter; therefore, some people like me are using this opportunity to visit hot places present in India like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Every part of India is now connected with internet and therefore, I booked most of my tickets in advance. Though, slight language problem is still present in some states of India; however, common language in the form of English is making it easy for us to interact with people. Today in Rameswaran, I met with two small eight-nine year village boys and they had good knowledge of English and they asked me many questions like what is my work, from where I have come etc. Both these boys become my friend because of a common language.

Lots of people also know Hindi now in South Indian states; therefore, slowly it is becoming easy to get any help from local people. Tourism is becoming big hit in India and Indian people are releasing importance of visiting large numbers of good places present in India. With every visit, we only release that India is best place to live on earth and how lucky we are to be Indian.
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