Haryana Assembly Election 2009 (Final Opinion Poll)

People in Haryana will vote for next assembly on 13 Oct, 2009. There are total 90 seats in Haryana and any party will need 46 seats to make next government in Haryana. The main fight in Haryana is between Congress, Indian National Lok Dal, HJC, BJP and BSP. Presently, Congress looks to be strongest political party in state after winning 9 Loksabha seats out of total 10 Loksabha seats. All major opposition parties are fighting with each other; therefore, they are providing only more help to congress. In 2005, Congress swept state assembly by winning 67 seats while the BJP and INLD got two and nine seats respectively. Congress also is planning to do same this time by calling early elections. In my last predictions, I have already suggested 50-60 seats for Congress again (Haryana Assembly Election 2009). Some TV channels and leading news papers have also presented their opinion polls and they are also giving similar figures. Below, I am writing my last revised opinion polls for Haryana Assembly election 2009. (Also visit-Who win Maharashtra assembly election 2009 (Opinion Poll)?, Haryana Assembly Election 2009 Exit Poll Result, Maharashtra Assembly Election 2009 Exit poll result), Haryana, Maharashtra and Arunachal Assembly Election Results 2009 (Live Update)

Party Seats
Congress 53-63
HJC 8-12
INLD 10-13
BJP 2-5
Others 8-15
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