Fear of getting old

Fear of getting old is one of the biggest fears which every person faces in this world because nobody wants to become old and die. However, biggest reality of every living being is getting old and dying one day. Every day we slowly progress towards growing old and there are many things which remind us about this fact like greying of hairs, wrinkles etc. Getting old is also very important part of life and it is final destination of every human being.

It is important to learn to celebrate this part of life as we celebrate other parts of life. Mainly, people fear getting old because it reminds them about death. Fear of Death is associated with growing old and this fear is commonly present in every individual. It is very hard to find a person who does not have fear of death because we all fear from death. Therefore, nobody wants to grow old because it will push him towards death. We can decrease this fear by Accepting Death (truth of nature).

Second fear which is associated with growing old is fear of left alone from masses. Today, old people do not get due respect in our society and they feel like left alone by society. Many of old people die alone in old age shelter homes being neglected by everyone. Therefore, every person fears that he will also be left alone by all to die. Third reason behind this fear is state of helplessness because old people become dependent on others.

Fourth reason behind this fear is concern for financial security because some old people do not have enough savings to care for their expenses. These are some of reasons which cause fear of getting old in people. It is not possible for any person to completely remove these fears but we can avoid some of fears by accepting life as it is and by planning wisely for old age.

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