Kashmir Sex scandal (Great Shame)

Recently in last few days, we all have seen lot of controversies related to controversial sex scandal in Kashmir which paralysed state of Jammu and Kashmir for many days. Kashmir sex racket came into lime light in 2006 when it was found that many girls from Kashmir including minor girls were supplied to top politicians and bureaucrats of J&K.

Girls were forced to do sex with various top officials and politicians for giving jobs to their family members. This racket shocked whole nation because this racket established role of state machinery in such heinous crime for first time. Presently, this case is under CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), which has filled charge sheet against numbers of top police officers, bureaucrats and politicians; however, problem with this case is that nothing concrete is done by CBI so far.

Many people believe that CBI has let off many top officials and politicians or weakened case against them. On the other hand, main opposition party of J&K like PDP wants to exploit this issue by seeing anger in Kashmiri people against this crime. Kashmir is already a very sensitive matter for India and people in Kashmir already feel cheated by India; therefore, such matter further increase anger among people of Kashmir.

It is very heinous crime to force or exploit women on the name of power and if this happens in India then it is big shame for India itself. Our laws and law governing machineries have many times failed in saving women from such brutalities. Such crimes will continue to remain flourishing in India unless we people raise our voice against such crimes wherever they happen.
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