Mayawati and her obsession for statue and Parks

Mayawati government in UP has allotted more than 500 crore rupees for the construction of numbers of statues and parks in state in next financial years through this year financial budget. This news shocked many people in UP because more than 50 districts in UP are declared drought affected by UP government and it is asking for additional money from central government; on the other hand, Mayawati government has excess money for constructing Parks and Statues.

Mayawati came to power in UP with lot of claims of converting UP in to an ideal state of India with growth of every section of society; however, in last two and half years UP has hardly seen any significant growth except in construction of expensive parks. Mayawati may make many claims and try to present herself leader of dalits of UP and India; however, condition of dalits and other backward class have hardly improved in her regime.

People of UP have already replied to Mayawati in recent Loksabha Election, where BSP got only 19 seats out of 80 Loksabha seats in UP. These results are clear indication that it will be hard for Mayawati to win half numbers of present numbers of seats during next Assembly Election. However, who cares about this because Mayawati has already increased her wealth many times and she has new ambitions in line. She wants to always remain alive in history as chief minister who created maximum numbers of Parks and erected her statues across the state.

Overall, there is no problem in constructing Parks and statues; however, there also should not be any compromise with good governance. If Mayawati do some good work for the development of people of UP then people of UP will themselves construct Parks and statues of Mayawati for her good work; however, Mayawati do not want to take any chance.
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