Analysis Loksabha Election result 2009

After the completion of Loksabha Election 2009, we can easily analysis Loksabha Election results 2009. This time Loksabha Election results surprised lots of people across India and world because nobody thought that Congress will perform so well by winning more than 200 seats because most of people thought that small parties will play decisive role this time. However, it looks that people of India did not showed any trust on small political parties of India.

Large number of small political parties in India are major sufferer in these Loksabha Election like RJD, SP, TDP, Left parties etc. It looks that people of India voted for strong and stable government at centre which can speed up growth of India. It took almost 18 years for Congress to win more than 200 seats. With the completion of Loksabha Election 2009, a phase of small parties has also ended. In recent years, people of India realised this fact that it is important to support a National party or parties over small regional parties.

Though, there are still number of small regional parties who have shown good performance in Loksabha Election 2009 like BJD, TC, DMK etc. The main reason behind this major victory of Congress in these Loksabha Elections can be given to increase in vote bank of Congress among SC/STs and Muslims. In these elections, Congress has also succeeded in gaining grounds in states like UP, where it was wiped out by small parties. Loksabha Election 2009 has clearly supported strong and stable government at centre.
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