Looking for perfect people in unperfected world

We can easily find many strange customs and demands in our world where people are asking for those things from others which they even themselves do not have. How these people can ask for things which even do not exist? We all k now this fact that we all human come to this world as non perfect beings and we only gain more and more knowledge to reach near perfect position.

However, it is very difficult to define clearly that which position actually represents a perfect position because we live in a comparative world where particular thing is thought to be perfect if it is more superior to other things. Therefore, there does not exist anything as perfect in world and we only level certain things as perfect things. However, still we can easily find majority of people asking for perfect things from people at initial stages when these people have even not learned basic lessons.

Why our world does not want to support non perfect people even having knowledge to this fact that every person enters this world as learner. Every person in this world gains knowledge with education and experience to become a master in his field and this whole exercise can take some time (sometimes years).Therefore, it is important to give some time to people so that they can perfect themselves.

If we allow people to become perfect by supporting them then we can hope to construct a perfect world also. However, by criticising and stopping non perfect people from learning we cannot achieve anything.
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