Attacks on Indian Student in Australia

In last few months, suddenly numbers of news of racist attacks on Indian students in Australia have increased at alarming rate. Last week, these attacks become life threatening as one of Indian student Shravan Kumar, who suffered one such attack, is fighting for his life and is in coma. In last few months, there are reports of more than 60 such racist attacks on Indian students, though; Australian police is terming numbers of these attacks as attacks for looting money and not as racist attacks.

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However, large numbers of such attacks only targeted on Indian students are raising numbers of questions. Australian government has assured Indian students and Indian government that they are making strong efforts to stop such attacks in future. However, this situation has increased apprehensions among millions of Indian students studying in Australia about their safety. Presently, Australia offers a very attractive destination to millions of Indian students to get desired education plus option to settle in Australia.

In last few years, numbers of such students have increased many times. Due to rise in numbers of Indian students in Australia many native students of Australia feel threatened by this increase in numbers of Indian students. Therefore, we are seeing increase in numbers of attacks on Indian students. However, it is not good on the part of Australian people and government that they are not providing proper security to Indian students because Indian students are going to Australia after getting lured by large numbers of Australian Universities.

In future, we can hope that people of Australia will give proper respect to Indian students and stop all kind of racism against Indians in Australia.
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