Tips for avoiding Risks in Stock Market investment

In last few months, we all have experienced various risks associated with Stock Market investment. Stock Markets around the world lost their 60-80% wealth in just few days which they accumulated in five to six years. This outcome also forced many investors to commit suicides because they were left with no money to pay their commitments. There are many lessons which we all can learn from this crisis. Below, people can find few of them.

1) It is not wise to put all our money in Stock Market alone.
2) Avoid short term profit games which are full of risks.
3) Not invest all money in single stock or company.
4) Do not invest more than 20% of investable money in single stock.
5) Not solely depend upon information provided by financial experts.
6) Regularly update yourself with latest information related to Stock Market
7) Giving importance to singles given by Market like Market stagnate at higher value for long time (indicating fall in market).
8) Always remain ready to exit stocks when they give you reasonable profits.
9) Do not come under any panic and took advice from experts before selling stocks.
10) Regularly check company balance sheets and future potential for reducing unnecessary setbacks.
11) Give importance to external factors like US Stock market, crude oil price, world financial condition etc.

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