Will UPA government win in Next Election?

In present conditions, it becomes very easy to predict that future elections will never be going easy for the Congress lead UPA government. Already, Congress is constantly losing one after another election in different states. This trend can even continue for centre election also causing exit of UPA from centre. Recent hike in oil and gas prices have already angered many poor and middle class people of India, who are finding it hard to manage their budgets.

On the second hand, inflation is on constant rise week after week touching new heights. Therefore, common people have no help available in their hands and situations are only becoming more difficult for them. Soon we will also see effect of rise in petrol and diesel prices in other areas of life. Most of the common eatable items are transported through rail and road network, therefore, rising in petrol and diesel prices will increase cost of transportation of all these items.

Therefore, there are good chances that we can see more rises in inflation in next few weeks when effect of this rise will start affecting us. At ground level common people of India are already against such rise in prices because it is only making their life further difficult in India. Moreover, large number of people also feel central government responsible for all this and they want this government to go.

If election for centre happens in present dates then chances of UPA regaining its majority are very less. Now only 10 months are left before next Lok Sabha election and we can hope that Congress and UPA will come with some new formulas for gaining confidence of people back.

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