Making other’s fool

Today, we are living in a society where job of some people is only to fool others and they can go to any extent for achieving their own motives. To these kind of people emotions and feelings of other people hardly matter. They mostly see other people as opportunities available in front of them for exploitation. We can easily find number of such kind of people around us who try to make us fool or use us.

The major reason behind the increase of this trend is decrease of moral values in people and therefore, people go up to any extent for achieving their objectives. Sometimes, these kinds of situations also hurt us and force us to think that how few people can fall to this level. Moreover, many times, we all fail in recognising these kinds of people in initial stage and only learn their truth after they have done their work.

Though, it is not a good thing to make other’s fool for our own advantage, despite this we can find many such examples available in front of us. Moreover, these problems are also increasing with time, as more numbers of people are opting for such things for achieving their goals. Overall, we can say that this is one shortcut used by people for rising in life as early as possible.

Moreover, people also want to do very less hard work and using right kind of methods for achieving goals in life. Good and innocent people are required to remain alert of such kind of elements because these kinds of people can strike any person at any step of life.
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