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Jai Mata Di

Spread of Begging in India

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In its latest issue Top Indian magazine “India Today” Magazine has published a survey about Indian beggars. Mostly, we people have very less authentic data available about the condition of beggars in India; therefore, this survey provides a lot of good information about the conditions of beggars in India and some of its findings very alarming like number of graduates and postgraduates beggars are increasing in India. Main points which comes out of survey are-

1) Average income of beggars in Metros is Rs 80.
2) 70% of beggars spend more than Rs 50 per day and 27% send more than Rs 100 in a single day.
3) Most of the beggars in India earn more than daily wagers.
4) Rs 25000 is the average bank balance of beggars in Kolkata.
5) There are more numbers of able body beggars in India than disabled beggars.
6) There are good numbers of beggars with graduate and post graduate degrees and there number is increasing constantly.
7) 85% of the beggars have no information about the beggar homes.
8) Rs 180 cr is the worth of Beggars in Mumbai alone.

Source- India Today, Feb 4, 2008 (For full survey Report read “Indian Today”)

Begging has always remained a big problem for Indian society. In past, numbers of people and NGOs have tried their best to solve this problem of begging in India, however, most of these initiatives have failed very badly. From this survey one thing comes out clearly in front of us that begging has today become more serious problem and requires some serious action. However, most of the time, we see more talks on begging problem than anything productive done to solve this problem. To some extent, it looks that we people have accepted to live with this problem. There are many examples available where beggars have earned huge fortunes with begging. Some of the facts like entry of graduate and post graduate beggars are really alarming signs and show the increasing reach of begging in India.

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Increased Safety for Orkut users

Last year, we all heard about the possible misuse of popular social networking website Orkut.com by some anti social elements and due to this reason some people either stopped using it or asked for the ban on Orkut. However, at present it looks that orkut has learnt some lessen from its mistake and therefore, it has now added number of securities features for people effective from 24, Jan 2004. Now orkut users can easily control who can watch their scraps, photos, testimonials, videos and feeds. Orkut users now have the option of letting everyone or friends to see their scraps, photos, testimonials, videos and feeds. This new security feature can be believed as birthday gift to Orkut users on its birthday by Google. People can easily update their security setting by visiting first settings and then privacy setting. People can also get the help of video available below made by Google to update people with this new feature. With the addition of these security features, Orkut users can easily hope for increased safety while using Orkut.

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Some important points about Barack Obama

Below are some important points about the life Barack Obama, Democratic candidates for 2008 US Presidential election nominations.

1) Born on 4 August, 1961 in Hawaii.
2) His mother was white women while his father was from Kenya.
3) His father was a Muslim.
4) He is also a successful writer with two bestselling books 1) Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance and The Audacity of Hope.
5) His mother married to an Indonesian student and they moved to Jakarta.
6) He has also lived in Jakarta for four years in his childhood from age 6 to 10.
7) At the age of 10, Obama returned back to US to live with his maternal grand parent.
8) He is a graduate of Columbia University and also got law degree from Harvard Law School.
9) He has worked in various fields including community service, college lecturer, lawyer and finally in public administration.
10) He is the fifth African-American senator in the American history and only present African-American senator.
11) He is a Democratic senator from Illinois.
12) He is against death penalty and also supports partial abortion.
13) He is also give emphasis on racial profiling and is in the favour of removing guns from public.
14) He has also promised to end Iraq war soon if he wins US presidential election.
15) He married in Oct, 1992 to Michelle Robinson and has two daughters.
16) Obama has also taken narcotic drugs during his early life.
17) Obama has also played basket ball during his school days.
18) Obama was visited by his biological father for only one time when he was ten year old.

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Popularity of Barack Obama

Barack Obama real name Barack Hussein Obama is presently one of the favorite Democratic candidates for 2008 US Presidential election nominations. Born on 4 August, 1961, in Hawaii, Obama can be the first black and African American President of US because of his wide spread popularity among the people of US. So far, he is running slightly behind other Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton (wife of former US president Bill Clinton).

Actual fate of Barack Obama’s fight for Presidential post will be clear after the Super Friday (5 Feb, 2008) when 24 states of US will hold their primary elections. In recent times, Obama has emerged as very strong leader in US and many US people want to see him as next US president. His fans are doing all kind of activities from making videos to running publicity campaign to show their love for Obama.

All over the net, we can easily find many videos and blogs totally dedicated to Barack Obama. People can easily find number of hit videos on popular video hosting websites youtube.com, myspace, yahoo etc made to show love and support for Obama. Many people believe that Obama is not much popular among the white people, however, it is not true and most of his supporters and fans include white people, though he also hold a good acceptance among the Black people.

Most of the US people, Democratic Party and Obama are trying to not give this campaign any racial colour and to some extent they are also successful in doing this. Overall, Barack Obama looks to have strong support from people of US which is making him strong candidate for next US top post.

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Get Live score all matches India-Australia-Sri Lanka Tri series

With the help of two score card available below, people can easily find all the live scores (updated every 2 seconds) of India-Australia-Sri Lanka Tri Series starting from 3rd Feb (Sunday). There are many chances that this series will be full of lot of entertainment and excitement. This Indian team is full of young players and therefore, cricket fans are again hoping for same show like 20-20 games in this tri series. In this series, there are total 15 matches with 3 final matches.

Refresh window to get latest score.

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Movie Review-“Little Manhattan”

First Love is something which every person find very hard to forget even for whole life. However, mostly when we realize that we are in first love then we find that we have come very far away from it. First love happens in tender age when we first start to realize difference between a boy and girl. Mostly, we all do number of stupid things during our first love on which we may laugh today. However, despite all the facts first love always remain inside our heart and making us happy by remembering those innocent days.

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Every person has his or her own first love memories. We can have first love with any girl or women who ever attract us or show us the difference between men and women. Some people have first love with their teacher, some have with their elder sister’s friend, some have with an aunty in neighborhood or some may have with any girl in class or school. Overall, it hardly matter that with whom we are falling in love for first time but the main thing remains the beautiful memories which remains somewhere in our mind forever.

“Little Manhattan” is also one nice story where director has beautiful displayed on screen first love encounter of a 10 year boy with a 11 year old girl with humor. The main attraction of film is its simplicity and great performance from the child artists. Story of the film revolve around the 10 year old boy Gabe who discovers that he has fallen in love with 11 year old girl in neighborhood.

Therefore, Gabe tries everything to win his love and finally, discover number of facts related to love and life. Made in 2005, “Little Manhattan” film has already attracted the praise of many people for beautiful first romance and comedy. Overall, this is a good touching film with some forgivable flaws and provides a good option to revisit first love memories.

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Book Review-“How to Win Friends and Influence People”

We all people have one common desire to make as many friends and influence as many people as we can. Most of the successful people of present world or earlier times are those people who know to use this art perfectly. They influenced so many people during their lives that in return these people helped them in fulfilling their dreams. We all live in social world where we need each other’s support for fulfilling our dreams. By opposing people and letting them down, we can only increase the number of our enemies and finally, closing our door for success.

If, we see in back history then we can easily find the example of large number of ordinary and simple people reaching extraordinary heights in their lives due to support of their friends whereas number of more talented people failing in their lives because they failed in making friends and influencing people. From all this we can easily interpret one thing that we need something much more important than talent and intelligence for achieving new heights in life. Good friends and helping people can provide us with lot of moral, emotional and opportunistic support to make our dreams come true.

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Therefore, it is very important for all of us to learn some art of winning friends and influencing people and the best possible option available in front of us to learn this art is book “How to win friends and influence People”. This book is written by Dale Carnegie and first published in 1937. Today, this book is a biggest seller in self help books category and so far more 15000000 copies of this book are already sold in different parts of the world. In 1981, this book is again revised to make it more appropriate for present readers.

Despite written so early, this book still holds lot of relevance and it is best book available in this category. By reading this book, people can easily learn few fundamentals they must do and few they do not to influence people and make strong friends. This book is a master piece of its category and it rules and laws are still very much relevant in the present world. Though, not 100% improvement but we can expect at least some positive changes in our life.

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Aishwarya School- A Bachan family Gift

People of India already know that Aishwarya is a favourite Bahu of Bachan family and Bachan family can go up to any extent to show their love for their Bahu. On 27th Jan, 2008, Amitab Bachan gave one more example in this regard by naming a school on the name of Aishwarya. This girl school which will be named after Aishwarya is also a gift to Amir Singh on his birthday from big Brother Amitab Bachan, which shows how Amir Singh is important for Bachan family. With this Bachan Family has also showed to the world that how important Bahu is Aishwarya for Bachan family.

This Higher Sceondary girl’s school will be made in Barabanki 40 Km from state capital Lucknow. Aishwarya also interacted with public said that she was earlier hesitant in accepting this award but later she accepted it due to Amitab and Bachan family’s love for her. Complete Bachan family was present on this day to celebrate the school on Aishwarya’s name. Overall, this event also looked like a political drama to launch Aishwarya in UP because number of big leaders like Mulyam Singh, Amar Singh, Farooq Abdullah were present on the stage.

This was really a great show of love or political compulsion or power of Aishwarya that Aishwarya is getting a school named after her while she is alive and young. At present, it is very difficult to say that how much girls of Barabanki will benefit from this school because people in UP are deprived of many things.

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Greatness of Sachin Tendulkar

Today, Sachin Tendulkar is a big name in Indian Cricket and there is hardly any person in Indian and world who has not heard about this master batsman. In his 18 years long cricket career, Sachin has achieved so many heights that hardly any other cricket player in world will be available repeat his success stories. We can easily find the name of Sachin Tendulkar in most of the record books. Therefore, Indian government has also decided to give him nation's second highest civilian award Padma Vibhushan.

This award is really a great honour to this great cricket star, which has made us happy and proud at many moments with his extraordinary cricket. Today, Sachin Tendulkar is standing like a big inspiration for millions of players across the world and many youngsters want to follow his footsteps. Born on 24 April, 1973 in Mumbai, this cricket star is becoming even stronger day by day with his strong performance. Even great names in cricket like Sir Donald Bradman, Sunil Gavaskar have also recognized his great skills.

He started his cricket career in 1989 in Lahore Pakistan when he was just 16 years old. At present, Sachin is the highest run getter in one day cricket with 16361 runs and he is the second highest run getter in test matches with 11774 runs (though, he is near of breaking this record also). He also hold the record of highest one day and test centuries, he has made 39 centuries in test and 42 centuries in ODI.

During his cricket career, Sachin has also passed through many ups and downs and few times, many people even advised him to stop playing cricket. However, Sachin has replied them all back with his great performance which will be known for many coming years. In future, we can also hope much more from this player and hopefully, he will play for couple of more years.

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Power of Targets

Mostly, we people believe that Targets are only helpful for big organisations and people working sales. Therefore, it is very difficult to find people in life who follow targets in their ordinary life also. However, targets are one thing available in front of us which can easily make our lives more fulfilling and rewarding because targets allows a chance in front of us to stretch ourselves and becoming more productive in life. Second, targets also give us a chance to increase the level of our performance and achieving success in life.

There are many examples available in front of us of successful people who have achieved extraordinary milestones in their lives and mostly, these people give carefully made targets all credit for their success. It is very easy for any person to use the power of targets for making his life more productive and rewarding and for this purpose; we only require to have strong will power for following our targets.

Success is mostly not a big issue for all those people who follow their targets effectively. However, people are required to start with lighter targets and then slowly increasing the level of targets because we need soft targets for becoming habitual of following targets. Overall, targets provide a greatest opportunity available in front of us for making our dreams come true in near future.

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Fighting loneliness

Loneliness is not a new thing for all of us and we all must have faced it for some time at some point in our life. Though, length of time for which a person faces loneliness in his or her life can vary from person to person. Loneliness can strike any person at any time and moreover, sometime, we can even face loneliness when we are in the company of others. Loneliness is basically a situation where we find ourselves very alone and hardly find any reliable person with whom we can share our emotions. It is very important for all of us to have few friends with whom we can share ups and downs of our emotions.

However, unfortunately at many points in our lives we hardly find any reliable person to share our deep emotional disturbance. Therefore, we start experiencing loneliness because we hardly find anybody interested in us. Mostly loneliness is not a good thing which any person will like to have in his life but still large numbers of people have to face it. When we find ourselves becoming the victim of loneliness then initially we find difficulty in believing that we are actually facing loneliness and we try to defend our self against all these odds. Mostly, we start blaming others for our situation and start looking for new friends.

However, many times this strategy does not work and people find level of loneliness increasing in their lives. Best thing which we can do is to put some self check mechanism in our life where we can understand our own problems and slowly, remove them to become a stronger person. Second, we need to learn art of living with and without people around us because mostly, people come into our life when they feel us interesting or they have some need attached with us, however, it is not possible for any person in this world to always remain interesting or matter of need for others. Mostly, loneliness effect people because they allow it to effect them, though this is true with other emotional problems also, therefore, we can easily avoid loneliness and its effect in our life, if we learn to live successfully with it also.

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Second Day Score Card Adelaide India Australia Fourth Test

Watch Live Score India Vs Australia (ind vs aus) Quarter final match CWC 2011
India Vs Australia (ind vs aus) CWC 2011 Quarter Final match

Australia 62/0 in 21 overs (First Inning)

Australian Batting

Matthew Hayden not out 36 (57) F 3 S 0
Phil Jaques not out 21 (71) F 2 S 0

Indian Bowling
R P Singh 4-014-0
Irfan Pathan 6-017-0
Ishant Sharma 4-0-12-0
Harbhajan Singh 4-1-9-0
Anil Kumble 3-0-7-0

India 526/10 in 152.5 overs (First Inning)

Indian Batting-
Virender Sehwag c Hayden b Lee 63 (90) F 6 S 0
Irfan Pathan c Gilchrist b Johnson 9 (21) F 2 S 0
Rahul Dravid c ponting b Johnson 18 (55) F 0 S 0
Sachin Tendulkar c Hogg b Lee 153 (205) F 13 S 3
Sourav Ganguly lbw b Hogg 7 (29) F 1 S 0
VVS Laxman c Gilchrist b Lee 51 (102) F 5 S 0
MS Dhoni c Symonds b Johnson 16 (64) F 1 S 0
Anil Kumble c Gilchrist b Johnson 87 (205) F 9 S 0
Harbhajan Singh c Gilchrist b Symonds 63 (103) F 7 S 0
R P Singh c Johnson b M Clarke 0 (4) F 0 S )
Ishant Sharma not out 14 (48) F 1 S 0

Australia Bowling-
Brett Lee 36-4-101-3
Mitchell Johnson 37.5-6-126-4
Stuart Clark 31-6-92-0
Brad Hogg 31-2-119-1
Michael Clarke 10-0-39-1
Andrew Symonds 7-0-20-1

Timetable Cricket World Cup 2011
Watch Live Score All Matches Cricket World Cup 2011

Live NSE and BSE (Live Indian Stock Market)

Below, people can get live update of BSE and NSE. With the help of graphs available below people can easily check the daily trends in NSE and BSE, stock prices, major gainers or losers at BSE or NSE. These graphs are automatically updated and provide complete information about where Indian stock market is going. Stock market goes through number of ups and downs on the daily basis; therefore, these graphs can help in watching movements of market.

Score Card first day fourth India Australia Adelaide test

India won toss and decided to bat
India 309/5
India Batting-
Virender Sehwag c Hayden b Lee 63 (90) F 6 S 0
Irfan Pathan c Gilchrist b Johnson 9 (21) F 2 S 0
Rahul Dravid c ponting b Johnson 18 (55) F 0 S 0
Sachin Tendulkar not out 124 (172) F 10 S 3
Sourav Ganguly lbw b Hogg 7 (29) F 1 S 0
VVS Laxman c Gilchrist b Lee 51 (102) F 5 S 0
MS Dhoni not out 6 (54) F 0 S 0

Australia Bowling-
Brett Lee 22-3-62-2
Mitchell Johnson 25-4-72-2
Stuart Clark 16-4-48-0
Brad Hogg 18-2-78-1
Michael Clarke 5-0-26-0

Pre-Release review- Movie Sunday

Finally, Ajay Devgan’s second release of this month and year “Sunday” is ready to hit cinema halls on Friday, 25 Jan, 2008. The main start cast of this film includes Ajay Devgan, Ayesha Takia, Irrfan Khan, and Arshad Warsi. This film provides some hope for the people because in this film people can find the mix of comedy, suspense and action in a single movie. “Halla Bol” which was released two weeks back starting Ajay Devgan failed in doing any wonder on box office, therefore, Ajay Devgan must have lot of hopes from this film.

This film is directed by Rohit Shetty who has also given hit comedy “Golmaal” with Ajay Devgan last year. The story of film Sunday basically revolves about one missing Sunday in the life of Ayesha Takia, about which Ayesha does not remember anything. Ajay Devgan is playing a role of ACP and Ayesha’s fiancé who investigates about the missing Sunday. During the investigation situation become even more complex when Ajay learned about a murder and this case points a figure towards Ayesha Takia.

Investigation of the case also target Arshad and Irrfan for their suspicious role. During these whole investigations, people pass through many comedy, suspense and action moments. For knowing, who is actual killer in film; people are required to watch this film. Overall, this film looks very promising, however, for exact response; we are required to wait till tomorrow.

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IPL teams, winners, bid amounts and details

Finally, names of eight winners of IPL (Indian Premier League) teams are available in front of us. These names include big film stars to big industrial groups. Already, cricket is big market in India and this market is growing very fast both in money terms and reach. Due to this reason, most of big players in industry and films want to associate with cricket. IPL team rights are also given for huge amount ranging from 302 crore rupees to 480 crore rupees. IPL matches will start from 18 April, 2008 and there will be total 59 matches played in this series for 44 days. These matches will be available live on Set Max. Media rights are given to Sony+WSG combine for 10 years. BCCI has already earned Rs 7000 crore rupees by selling TV plus other rights. All these matches will be in 20-20 format and played under ICC rules. Now, winners are required to bid for 80 players, however, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Yuvraj Singh will play with their respective states and there will be no bid for them.

Details of bidders and money
1) Chandigarh Pretty Zinta for Rs 310 crore
2) Kolkata Shahrukh Khan+ Juhi Chawla (Red Chillies) for Rs 302 crore
3) Mumbai Mukesh Ambani (Reliance) for Rs 480 highest bid
4) Bengaluru Vijay Mallya (U B Group) for Rs 470 crore
5) Chennai India Cement for Rs 364 crore
6) Jaipur Banker consortium for Rs 268 crore
7) Hyderabad Deccan Chronicle for RS 470 crore
8) Delhi JMR Group for Rs 340 crore

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Video of Tiger Attacking a Man on Elephant

We all have heard number of story about tiger’s attack on people but it is very difficult to watch a video of tiger’s attack. Below, I am sharing such video where a tiger is attacking a person seating on the elephant back. Already, this is a very popular video and numbers of Indian channels have showed it, however still this video is a good watch for people who have not watched it. This video tells that how much danger is involved in facing tiger. This is an original video taken in Kaziranga National Park on 19 May, 2004.

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Pain of Chinese farmers

In most of the developing countries condition of the farmers is not well because farming is slowly becoming a non profitable business as compared to other businesses. Therefore, most of the developing countries are focusing more on industrial development and they are hardly giving an attention to the ailing condition of farmers. Condition of farmers in China is also not any better and they are also facing all many major problems of existence. Bad crops, accusation of lands and fewer returns are forcing many farmers in China to look for other jobs in manufacturing sector.

Today, manufacturing sector is big success story in China and we can easily find many towns in China which are manufacturing single products like shirt town, toys town, bedding town etc. Large numbers of these farmers have no option left with them but to work in these towns. The most disturbing fact is that these people are required to work for 13 hours a day for complete 7 days and in return they get only $120/month. Moreover, condition in construction sector is even worse and people are paid money on the yearly basis which many people even fail in getting.

All these things have increased reassessment in Chinese people and there are reports of 85000 protests by farmers last year. Mostly, very less news actually comes out of China because China completely controls the flow of information. China even has 35ooo strong internet police which has complete control on the actives of people on internet. For world, china may look like a big developing nation but actually, there are large numbers of people like poor farmers who are big sufferers in this development story.

Based on “TV Report on China” shown by Australian Network Channel

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Indian stock market lost 20 Lakh crore in seven days

After a historical fall of 1408 points yesterday, Indian stock market again saw big down fall today. Indian stock market today reached as low as 15332 points with 2273 points fall in earlier day trading but later recovered 1398 points to finally close at 16730 points and 873 points down. Nifty is also down 310 points and closed at 4899 points with 6% decrease, earlier nifty also saw decline of as high 14%. Moreover, all this happened so fast that market fall more than 10% in just few minutes of start of trading session. Therefore, market also remains closed for almost one hour.

Today’s stock market fall created big panic in general public and many people even started agitating in front of Dalal Street. People around India have also registered their lot of unhappiness over the steep downfall in market and many people are even asking for enquiring in to this whole matter. There are many investors in market who have lost lakhs of rupees in recent falls. Overall, Indian stock market has lost almost 20 lakh crore rupees in last seven days. It took seven long months for the market to reach at this level but market lost all this in just seven days.

There are also further apprehensions in the minds of people that market can crash further tomorrow and in near future because at present Indian stock market is reacting to any down fall in foreign markets and there are many chances that foreign markets like US can fall further. Today, all most all sectors underperformed but some shares like Bharti Airtel and Tata motor managed to close in green. IT shares remain the worst hit with major decline in the share of big blue chip IT companies.

On the other hand, some people are also finding present market a good opportunity to enter in the stock market because today some share saw big ups and downs like RPL touched as lows as Rs 96 during today trade and then again touched as high as Rs 156. People around India also faced difficulty in investing money in stock market due to number of online trading websites and stock brokers going down due to panic and rush. Expert’s advice for the people is to enter market but in small goes ( like if you have 90 thousand rupees to invest than divided this money in to three parts and invest in few day in intervals).

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What caused Black Monday for Indian stock Market?

Today, Indian stock market saw an historical fall with market losing more than 2000 points in a single day, though market latter recovered 600 points and finally closed at 1408 points down. This 7.4 % downfall was one of highest downfall not for Indian stock market but in terms of world market also. Today, market was on complete downfall mood with 1218 declines and only 8 advances in stock indices. Indian stock market has lost 4.9 lakh crore rupees in a single day and if we add the decline of Friday also then market has lost almost 6.6 lakh crore rupees.

This is really big shocking news for all the investors and many people have suffered huge losses due to this decline. The major reason behind this decline is believed to be major profits booking by big financial investors like mutual funds and weakness in global market. Some experts also believe that market crossed 20000 marks very early and therefore, some corrections were required. According to them actual position of market is around 18000 points. However, still many experts believe that investors are not required to worry about this situation because soon market can again touch the same levels back.

On the other hand, some people may find this fall as an opportunity to enter stock market because most of the blue chip shares like Reliance, DLF, and Airtel are more than 20% down. However, experts are pointing towards a caution and avoiding any panic selling at present because market can crass further or some ups and downs may remain continue for few next month’s also.

Indian stock market has seen many such sharp fall earlier also where market has fallen more than 5% in a single day and major reason behind this was profit booking by the big players, however, small investors have always suffered in these falls. Therefore, it is very important for the small investors to plan their investments well and look for long term investments than short gains. Despite, this fall there are many chances that market will soon again rebound and reach back to its place. People who have money can exploit this opportunity by investing in good shares in small goes (for example investing in parts and not in a single day) and by seeing the mood of market.

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Movie Review- Halla Bol (Good Message)

Raj Kumar Santoshi is back with his style of fighting with corruption, fundamentalism, bad political and social problems. Halla Bol is a good film after “Page 3” made on the social problems faced by common people in India. Though, Halla Bol goes slightly here and there during the beginning but finally it catches our attention to the point it wants to convey. Acting wise this film is average and most of the actors have given normal performance, here this film looks weak as compared to “Page 3” which was more realistic.

Main actors like Ajay Devgan, Pankaj Kapoor and Vidya Balam are either average or slightly above average. The major attraction of the movie is number of social messages which it conveys. Story of the Halla Bol looks to be taken from the real life episode like Jassica lal case, increasing attacks of fundamentalist forces and story of Khan Heroes. Therefore, story wise there is nothing new in film, however presentation is good and it inspire people to come out and fight against the injustice.

This film points towards number of issues prevalent in our society and how big people and star avoid controversies. Already, this film has got critical acclaim and many people like it. However, chances of this film making big box office records like earlier Raj Kumar Santoshi films are very less. From next week, this film will also face stiff competition from other release of Ajay Devgan “Sunday”. Overall, this is a good film for every Indian to watch because of number of good messages stored in it for all of us.
Points 2.75/5

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Get Live and latest score of all cricket matches

With the help of score card available below, people can find all the live scores (updated every 2 seconds) of all the matches happening in current time.

Get Live and latest score of Adelaide Indian-Australia fourth test

With the help of score card available below, people can easily find all the live scores (updated every 2 seconds) of 4rth Adelaide test between India and Australia starting from 24th January (Thursday).

 Live Cricket Score

Click on the score board to get detailed score board.

Refresh window to get latest score.

Indian team for Australia ODI Tri-Series (2008) and Time table

Today, BCCI declared the names of Indian players for India-Australia-Sri Lanka tri-series which will start from 1st February with a twenty20 match. This time BCCI has decided to give chance to young players and therefore, seniors players like Saurav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, V V S Laxman are rested for this tri series. On the other hand, BCCI has decided to big chance to Virender Sehwag and therefore, he is included in ODI team. Though, many cricket fans and experts are angry with the decision of BCCI to drop Saurav Ganguly, who has scored highest runs last year. Indian Board has given the reasons of fitness, giving chances to youngster and giving rest to senior players behind these changes. Also visit Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011

Indian Team for Australia Tri series (2008)

1) Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Captain)
2) Yuvraj Singh (vice-captain)
3) Sachin Tendulkar
4) Virender Sehwag,
5) Dinesh Karthik
6) Irfan Pathan
7) Gautam Gambhir
8) Ishant Sharma
9) S Sreesanth
10) Robin Uthappa
11) R P Singh
12) Rohit Sharma
13) Suresh Raina
14) Harbhajan Singh
15) Piyush Chawla
16) Praveen Kumar

Time table 20-20

1st Feb, 2008 (Fri) Melbourne Australia Vs India (Starting Time-2:05 PM) (D/N) (Not part of Tri-series) (Live Star/Espn)

Time table ODI Australia Tri-Series 2008

3rd Feb, 2008 (Sun) Brisbane Australia Vs India (Starting Time-8:45 AM) (D/N) (Live Star/Espn)

5th Feb, 2008 (Tue) Brisbane India Vs Sri Lanka (Starting Time-8:45 AM) (D/N)
(Live Star/Espn)

8th Feb, 2008 (Fri) Sydney Australia Vs Sri Lanka (starting Time-8:45 AM) (D/N)
(Live Star/Espn)

10th Feb, 2008 (Sun) Melbourne Australia Vs India (Starting Time-8:45 AM) (D/N)
(Live Star/Espn)

12th Feb, 2008 (Tue) Canberra India Vs Sri Lanka (Starting Time-4:30 AM)
(Live Star/Espn)

15th Feb, 2008 (Fri) Perth Australia Vs Sri Lanka
(Live Star/Espn)

17th Feb, 2008 (Sun) Adelaide Australia Vs India (Starting Time-8:45 AM) (D/N)
(Live Star/Espn)

19th Feb, 2008 (Tue) Adelaide India Vs Sri Lanka (Starting Time-8:45 AM) (D/N)
(Live Star/Espn)

22nd Feb, 2008 (Fri) Melbourne Australia Vs Sri Lanka (starting Time-8:45 AM) (D/N)
(Live Star/Espn)

24th Feb, 2008 (Sun) Sydney Australia Vs India (starting Time-8:45 AM) (D/N)
(Live Star/Espn)

26th Feb, 2008 (Tue) Hobart India Vs Sri Lanka (starting Time-4:30 AM)
(Live Star/Espn)

29th Feb, 2008 (Fri) Melbourne Australia Vs Sri Lanka (starting Time-8:45 AM) (D/N)
(Live Star/Espn)

2nd March, 2008 (Sun) Sydney First Final (starting Time-8:45 AM) (D/N)
(Live Star/Espn)

4th March, 2008 (Tue) Brisbane Second Final (Starting Time-8:45 AM) (D/N)
(Live Star/Espn)

7th March, 2008 (Fri) Adelaide Third Final (Starting Time- 8:45 AM) (D/N)
(Live Star/Espn)

(Note- Time used is Indian Standard Time)

Timetable Cricket World Cup 2011
Watch Live Score All Matches Cricket World Cup 2011

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Increasing acceptance for Valentines Day

Valentines Day of 2008 is heading towards us and many people may have already planed how they will spend this day. Though, Valentine Day is a western gift for Indian people and there are many people in India who oppose this festival. Some of the fundamentalist organisations even try to punish people celebrating this festival. However, still most of the Indian youth find this day as an opportunity to share their love emotions with near and dear ones. Most people give valentines day gifts and cards on this day to their loved ones and slowly this culture is becoming very popular in India. The major reason behind the popularity of this day could be increasing acceptance of foreign culture and a try to give some new colour to life. Already, many shopkeepers and businessman have started preparing for this day and tapping more number of customers.

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10) India is First 20-20 cricket world champion

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Video of India winning Perth Test (Video of Day)

Watch the video of last wicket fall and Indian team celebration in third Indian-Australia test in Perth.

Anil Ambani to become richest person of world soon

Few months back, I reported that Mukesh Ambani has become the richest person of world due to the increase in Indian share market. Even today, he almost holds his position as richest person of world but soon he will lose his first position to another person and this new person is nobody else than his own younger brother Anil Ambani. After the listing of Reliance power shares, Anil Ambani owned Reliance group is set to become the biggest business group and he is all set to become the richest person of world.

Very less people in India and world has this belief that these two brothers will go so high after following separate paths. Ambani brothers are going beyond all the expectations and showing Indians that how Indians are all set to rule the world. When asked question about becoming richer than his brother than Anil Ambani said that he will always remain smaller than his brother irrespective of whatever wealth generated by him.

Anil Ambani group will gain around 23-30 billion (depending upon final listing of IPO) from Reliance power shares IPO which is enough for making Anil Ambani richest Indian and also richest person of world. After the huge demand for Reliance IPO, there are many chances that this IPO will definitely list at higher end of price and provide good increase in the total wealth of Anil Ambani in future. Therefore days are not far when Anil Ambani will cross his brother Mukesh Ambani mark to become the richest person of world.

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Is Rakhi Sawant Man?

This is a latest question which hundred of internet users are asking on the search engines like Google.com. In last few months, I came across number of such key words searched on Google about Rakhi Sawant like “is rakhi sawant man”, “Rakhi Sawant man?”, “rakhi sawant women or man”, “rakhi sawant is she man”, “what is sex of Rakhi Sawant”, etc. In last three months, I came through slightly more than 100 of similar searches done by online users which landed on my website. All these queries really points towards a doubt in the mind of few people about the actual sex of Rakhi Sawant.

Though, I and most of people know or believe that Rakhi Sawant is a female and she is not required to give any explanation on it. Rakhi Sawant is always known for her great level of energy, outspokenness and power, which is mostly not seen in girls or perceived like this; therefore many people find it hard to believe that Rakhi is an ordinary girl. Many people can conclude that these searches must be done by the people living outside India; however, around 60% of these searches are coming from India only.

Therefore, one thing becomes clear that there are few hundred or more people in India and world, who doubt Rakhi Sawant as a female. Though, all these findings will hardly matter to Rakhi Sawant because her name has already become a popular search engine key world on internet and she also enjoys a big brand image which even many big celebrities and leaders do not have. Moreover, even these findings are only going to further increase her popularity with the people.

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Does time has come to make money with IPOs?

Today, Relaince power IPO created a big history in Indian IPO market by becoming the biggest ever IPO. This IPO is subscribed around 72 times at the end of final day. Despite the ups and downs in stock market, people showed their full trust on the Reliance group and poured their hard earned money into it. Reliance IPO received bid for approximately 1550 crore shares against the offer of 22.8 crore shares. This IPO generated money which is even bigger than the total stock market of Portugal. One of the major reasons behind the success of this IPO is option of partial or full payment; therefore many small investors got the chance to bid for shares of Reliance power through the partial payment routes.

In the present market condition, there are many chances that this share will open between Rs 750 to Rs 950, which is definitely a good earning opportunity for all the investors, and due to this reason many people have opted for this IPO as they are buying a lottery. There is also significant number of new and small city investors, who have opted for this IPO and put their money in it, which shows that how new investors are also finding IPOs a good option of making money.

In past also number of IPOs like DLF, ONGC have given good returns to the investors and in coming year also many good IPOs are waiting to come, therefore, it will not be wrong to say that time has come to make a good amount of money with these IPOs. For earning money from the IPOs, people can bid for some of these forthcoming IPOs and hope for getting quick and big returns. However, all the forthcoming IPOs will not be able to repeat the history of Reliance Power; still present market conditions are indicating toward good returns in future IPO investments.

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Thoughts on Republic Day

Republic day is celebrated on 26th January every year in India. The major reason behind the celebration of 26th January as Republic Day of India is that on 26th January 1950 India became fully sovereign nation because constitute of India came into force first time on this day. Another reason behind the celebration of Republic Day is rooted in Indian national congress’s decision to celebrate this day as Republic day of India every year during the Lahore session. From 1950, Indians are observing 26 January as Republic day of India. On this day, the whole nation remains on holiday and people of India salute the sovereignty of India by hoisting Indian Flag. This day is celebrated at different levels and in all parts of India.

This day is also used to show the muscle power of armed forces and diversity of Indian culture. More or less Republic days of most of nation resemble with each other and to some extent, our Republic day celebrations also come under the same category. I remember my childhood day when we lined up in front of TV sets to watch Republic day parade streamed live on TV. On those days, large numbers of people specially visit Delhi to watch this event live from the Rajpath, however, today this enthusiasm for the Republic day is missing in people and very less number of people really seems interested in visiting Delhi for watching Republic day parade.

It is not easy for me to predict what has caused this change or we need to change Republic day celebrations for making them more attractive or we allow everything to happen as it is happening. Today, India has seen growth in many segments and thinking of many people about life has also changed. Present Indians are busier with their life and work and second, we are also becoming a part of the global village where no boundaries exist. Therefore, nobody knows exactly that what future has stored for us, however, one thing is clear that we are heading for some non-stoppable changes.

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Book Air Tickets for Domestic Airlines in India

Aviation industry in India is growing very fast and it has made it possible for millions of Indians to complete their dreams of air travel. In recent past, cost of domestic travel has seen a big decline like people can fly between Mumbai and Delhi for as low as Rs 1000 only, which is even less than railway price. Some credit we can give to airlines like Air Deccan, spice jet etc which helped common Indians in completing their dream of air travel. Moreover, people can also get the help of travel portals like yatra.com for finding all attractive deals at one place. Below this post, people can find a chart for getting help in booking tickets for leading Indian Airlines and finding the best deal in air tickets.

For new updates visit this page

Find Taxi/Cabs for main cities in India
Booking Affordable Hotels in India
Send Money to India for Free

India-Australia first day score 3rd test

Today, Indian and Australian cricket teams played first day of third test in Perth. Indian captain Anil Kumble won the toss and decided to bat first. Indian team completed the day with 297 for the loss of 6 wickets. Perth wicket is known for its bounce and therefore, Indian team made two changes one in bowling with replacing Harbajan Singh with Irfan Pathan and second in batting with replacing Yuvraj Singh with Virender Sehwag. Main attraction of the Indian batting remains Sachin and Dravid and both scored half centuries with 71 and 93 runs respectively. Today, Rahul Dravid was back on his favourite third position and he also showed it by making 93 runs. Sachin Tendulkar once again became the victim of poor umpiring because he was given lbw on ball which was going above the wickets. Overall, this is a comfortable first day finish for India. In bowling Bret Lee and Mathew Johnson took 3 and 2 wickets respectively. Also visit Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011

Score board-

India 297-6

W Jaffar c Gilchrist b Lee 16 (53)
V Sehwag c Gilchrist b Johnson 29 (58)
R Dravid c Ponting b Symonds 93 (84)
S Tendulkar lbw b Lee 71 (128)
S Ganguly c Hussey b Johnson 9 (12)
VVS Laxman c Tait b Lee 28 (57)
MS Dhoni notout 8 (14)
I Pathan notout 8 (9)

Bowling –
0 M R W
B Lee 19 3 64 3
M Johnson 21 5 61 2
S Clark 15 3 44 0
S Tait 13 1 59 0
A Symonds 10 1 36 1
M Clarke 6 1 15 0

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India Vs Australia (ind vs aus) CWC 2011 Quarter Final match

Lion kissing and hugging a Woman

Sometimes, we see very strange examples of human and animal love, however, very less people might have heard about a love between a big lion and Human. Below, we can see an unbelievable video of one Lion kissing and hugging a woman, who actually saved the life of lion earlier. This is great video which show that animals also know to repay favours done to them. This video is really a great tribute to all the animal lovers and I hope that you will also enjoy it.

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Mayawati to celebrate 52nd birthday

Present Chief Minister of UP and strong BSP leader Bahanji Mayawati will celebrate her 52nd birthday tomorrow. Born on 15 January, 1956 in Delhi, Mayawati has achieved great heights in her political career. She has emerged as stronger leader in Indian politics after winning the UP election without the support of any other political party. Many people believe her great social engineering skills behind her great success in UP.

Mayawati also holds the credit of first Dalit women to become the Chief Minister of any state of India. She was also chief minister of UP for three times earlier with the support of BJP but this time she is CM without any external support. Therefore, we can hope that this birthday of Mayawati will be a great affair for Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and therefore, BSP will try hard to make this birthday of Mayawati a memorable moment for her.

Already, preparations for her Birthday are almost complete and her houses in Lucknow and Delhi are given complete makeover to look attractive. Mayawati’s birthdays have always remained matter of debate in earlier past due to huge funfair and activities. Though, Mayawati has ordered her party men and supporter to stay calm on this birthday, but presently, it looks that they are not ready to obey her. Mayawati’s birthday is also famous for exchange of expensive gifts and money and already, Mayawati has asked her supporters and workers to give money for the party works.

Opposition’s parties in UP have already started blaming Mayawati for forcefully getting money from people on the name of her birthday. After this massive win in UP, Maywati is very optimistic about winning more elections nationwide and she has also shown her interest for the Prime Minsiter seat. May be Mayawati need more money for this purpose and making her parties more strong in other states of India? Real picture of her birthday celebrations will only be available in front us by tomorrow night only.

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Maruti to withdraw Maruti Esteem

Presently, large numbers of people are busy in watching new cars launched during the auto expo in New Delhi. Various Media channels are also filled with the features and photographs of new models of cars which we will hopefully drive in 2008. However in the backdrop, India’s first luxury car Esteem is going to say good bye to Indian roads soon. Maruti has already stopped the production of this car from 1st Jan, 2008. Esteem will be still available in the market till the stock last.

Maruti Esteem is second successful car from Maruti after Zen which will be withdrawn from the market (Maruti’s successful small car Zen was replaced with Zen Estilo last year). I still remember Maruti 1000 which was converted to advance model with 1.3 L petrol engine Esteem in 1994. In early 90’s only few people were lucky enough to drive 1000 or Esteem. After its launch, soon Esteem become a favourite choose for people in luxury car segment and everywhere on road it became very easy to find Esteem.

For few years, Esteem ruled this luxury car segment till different models from other players became available in the market. Last year, Maruti tried to give new life to Esteem by doing some up gradations and running advertising campaigns but availability of huge variety in this segment made come back for Esteem difficult. In future, Maruti has planned to launch Sift Sedan in this category. With this an era of first luxury car of India ends.

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What is the cost of Freedom?

Though, it is not easy for any person to calculate the cost of freedom in financial terms, however, one thing is clear that we are required to pay lot in terms of emotions, family relations and finally in money for getting a true freedom. For large population of the world, freedom does not come easily and they are required to struggle for even whole life for getting true freedom. At the end, only small amount of people are available to achieve this milestone. For calculating the cost of freedom, we are first required to understand what freedom actually stands for? Does by living in a free country, we also become free or we require more freedom?

My answer to this question is simple that our destination for the freedom is much beyond just living in a free country (though even this option is not able to many people across the world). For example, there are large numbers of people across the world who never finds a chance to come out of family interference throughout their life and finally their lives become a shadow of others expectations. Similarly, some time, people avoid freedom because they feel that by going for freedom they will hurt the emotions of others. At the end some people may be able to win these emotional and family interference battles, however, still they require good financial backing for making their freedom actually happen.

Money is one important factor which provides a great chance of choosing between numbers of options of living life as we want to live. Moreover, we all live in a close society culture, where we are dependent upon each other and influence each others lives, which further make it difficult to live a free life. Overall cost of freedom is very large and many people of this world may never be able to pay it during their whole life. Despite all the hurdles, people who are able to achieve true freedom are real achievers because they achieve something for which they are sent to this world by God.

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Now NRI can Send money directly into a bank account in India

India has a big population of people living in different nations around the world. Every year, these NRIs send millions of dollar back home. However, despite the availability of many services for sending money back home large number of people found it hard to spend money back home. Currently people living in most of the foreign countries like US, Britan can easily send money from their bank account or credit card or paypal account to people living back home in India. I am sharing with the people an option through which they can easily send money directly into their bank account or in the bank accounts of their dear ones in India. The good news is that this process only takes two to three days and it cost nothing if people are using their bank account and sending more than $700. I am talking about xoom.com; in India they have collaboration with Punjab National bank to send money. They also provide 4307 pick location for picking cash and home delivery at no extra cost in India. People sending money with the help of paypal are required to pay small fee. Over all this is a good option available in front of people for sending money back money and directly into the bank account.

Therefore Click here to send money to India with Xoom. ONLINE & CONVENIENT – LOW FEES – GUARANTEED. Send now.

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